How to See What Your Children Have Done on Computers - Parental Control

Recently, I suspect that my child is looking at illegal or unwanted websites, which worries me. Is there any way for me to see what my child has done on his computer? Micro Keylogger monitors what takes place on the computer. It records almost everything that your child does while on the computer, both online […]

Keep your children safe online with Aobo Filter for PC - Parental Control

Our children have grown up in the Internet age. Almost Everything they have done including studying, learning, recreational activities and entertainment, getting information and gaining knowledge about the world, keeping in contact with teachers and friends, is all done online. There are great benefits from this, as we can see that our children have become […]

Guide to Choose Spy Software - Parental Control

A guide to choose spy software also matters a lot when you are considering monitoring software. A spy software program does not necessarily mean software used for spying. It can mean any software that monitors all activities of a user. You need a guide to choose spy software depending on what you need to monitor […]

What’s Remote Desktop Spy - Parental Control

Remote desktop spy is a kind of computer surveillance program which gives pc users the ability to get into as well as monitor their PC from another computer that is in a different place. Controlling the remote pc via remote desktop spy, people will be capable of knowing every action happened on the computer. This […]

Benefits of installing Computer Spy Software - Parental Control

Computer Spy software is widely used in homes, businesses and firms to monitor family members’ or employee’s computer usage, however it’s now available to anyone who wants to use it. How does Computer Spy Software Work? Computer Spy software is installed onto a computer and then will keep track of everything that happens on the […]

What’s the Differences Between Hardware Keylogger and Keylogger Software - Parental Control

Do you know the differences between hardware keylogger and keylogger software? In short, keylogger, which is categorized into two main categories: software based keylogger and hardware based keylogger, can silently record every keystroke typded on a computer without any notice of the computer user. All keyboard activities can be captured in stealth mode. Keystroke logging […]

Block websites With Password - Parental Control

Blocking websites, especially blocking porn, is a simple statement that gets overlooked by many parents. That is until they happen to look on their teen’s computer and find all kind of pornography! Rescue your kids from the online threats, it’s time for parents to utilize web filter to block webpage. First of all, PLEASE STAY […]

Discover How To Monitor And Block Your Teens’ Twitter - Parental Control

Twitter is an online social network that allows its users to interact by texting messages back and forth to each other’s profile. People especially teens may be more addictive once they get the hang of Tweeting, because they can get a great number of immediate responses and it seems to live somewhere between the worlds […]

Parenting Tips To Create Kids An Safe Online Enviroment - Parental Control

Kids today are growing up with internet opened, they are being to approach the net and show curiousness to Internet at a young age. The Internet is an Information Superhighway, but it’s also the porn and predator parkway. Unfortunately, it makes kids vulnerable to porn, phishing scams, cyberbullying, and Internet predators. As parents, you need […]

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