How To Detect If There is A Keylogger Installed On Your Computer - Keylogger for Mac

With the development of technology, internet has made almost everything so easy and there are several disadvantages that come with this. For instance there has been an increase in cybercrime and phishing. This is whereby strangers are able to access your passwords as well as other important information that would enable them to access your […]

Download Spy Software for Mac to Monitor Children - Keylogger for Mac

I wanna download spy software to monitor my children. They are using Mac OS. Where can I find that? Programs that monitor what takes place on the computer record everything that a user does while on the computer, online and offline. Keystrokes, emails, chats, even homework. All activity is monitored and recorded. Standing over their […]

How to Monitor Kids’ Social Network Activities? - Keylogger for Mac

Can anyone tell me how to monitor my daughter’s social network activities like messages or conversations? I know that she likes making friends and chatting with them online, but I never know what they are talking about and she refuses to tell me. I am really worried about her. She is only 14 and she […]

Use Mac Keylogger to Monitor Kids’ Email Activity - Keylogger for Mac

I would like to monitor my kids’ computer usage and emails as well as IM messages on their Mac computer. Can anyone help? Why not have a try for Aobo Keylogger for Mac? Parents using this kind of software can keep a check on their children. Thus, they can deny their children’s access to the […]

Track Your Lost Mac with Mac Keylogger - Keylogger for Mac

Have you ever lost your Mac? Or have your friends ever lost their Mac? Do you or they get back the missing computer? I guess the answer is no. How to avoid this kind of annoying thing happening again? Here comes the answer: install the Aobo Mac Keylogger onto your Mac now and let it […]

What You Should Know About Keystroke Spy for Mac - Keylogger for Mac

Keystroke Spy for Mac is invisible keystroke logging software and computer monitoring surveillance that can keep track of every word or keystroke users enter and capture screenshots of their activities. Keystroke Spy for Mac can run in total stealth, and email you the logs of all the keystrokes typed.What can Keystroke Spy for Mac do? […]

Why People Use Family Keylogger for Mac - Keylogger for Mac

Aobo Family Keylogger Mac help family members to monitor and log what has been done by people who uses home Mac with when you are away, like your kids. If you have a kid in your family, check out with Aobo Family Keylogger Mac. Why Do People Install Family Keylogger Mac? Safeguard children from online dangers. […]

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