Does Anyone Know of A Free Mac Keylogger? - Mac Keylogger

Does anyone know of a free mac keylogger so I can watch what my kids are doing on the internet with my computer? I need a free keylogger for a Mac computer. It has to record passwords. I have tried a few before but they are trials and don’t record passwords. Please send me links […]

How to Monitor Kids’ Social Network Activities? - Mac Keylogger

Can anyone tell me how to monitor my daughter’s social network activities like messages or conversations? I know that she likes making friends and chatting with them online, but I never know what they are talking about and she refuses to tell me. I am really worried about her. She is only 14 and she […]

How to Monitor Employees’ Web Browsing Habits? - Mac Keylogger

I was wondering where I can download software for Mac which will allow a company to monitor its employees’ web browsing habits and report them back to the company’s server where they can be retrieved and reviewed by authorized individuals. Can you make any recommendations? Aobo Keylogger for Mac is an invisible computer monitoring program […]

A Spy Program for Mac that Will Tell the Websites Visited - Mac Keylogger

Is there anyone who knows if there is a spy program available for the Mac that will tell me websites visited, filed downloaded etc.? I know there are many for Windows based that allow you to see what kids are doing on the computer. What about the Mac? Macintosh Computers, popularly known as Mac computers, […]

Use Mac Keylogger to Monitor Kids’ Email Activity - Mac Keylogger

I would like to monitor my kids’ computer usage and emails as well as IM messages on their Mac computer. Can anyone help? Why not have a try for Aobo Keylogger for Mac? Parents using this kind of software can keep a check on their children. Thus, they can deny their children’s access to the […]

How to Track Your OS X Computer While You Are Away - Mac Keylogger

I am a little suspicious that someone is using my computer. Is it possible for me to track what she/he types? is there an easy way that I can use? I have a new iMac. Who can help me please? We strongly recommend you to use Aobo Keylogger for Mac. It can do as following: […]

How to Use a Keylogger for Mac to Monitor the Target Mac - Mac Keylogger

When considering a Keylogger for Mac, you may naturally think about the types of features you need in the program and how you intend on using the keylogger. The best Mac keylogger enables you to read and watch everything that happens on your computer when you are away from the device. Well, how to use […]

Find Out Truth with Mac Key Logger - Mac Keylogger

Have you wondered why your children are so crazy for playing on the computer? Or did you find that your husband often plays on the computer late until midnight? What did he do on the Internet? Do you want to figure out if your employees work seriously on their computer during working time? How serious […]

Watch Your Kids Social Life with Mac Key Logging Spy - Mac Keylogger

Nowadays computer is considered as one of the most important devices that is required by the people with the passage of time. And there are many people moving on with the Apple devices like Mac computers, iMac, iPhone and more in the present age, which is mainly due to the rapid development of technology of […]

Track Your Lost Mac with Mac Keylogger - Mac Keylogger

Have you ever lost your Mac? Or have your friends ever lost their Mac? Do you or they get back the missing computer? I guess the answer is no. How to avoid this kind of annoying thing happening again? Here comes the answer: install the Aobo Mac Keylogger onto your Mac now and let it […]

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