Keystroke Logger Mac Applications and Their Use in A Business Environment

There is, of course, a legal grey zone when it comes to the authority of installing a Mac keystroke logger on employees’ computers. This is becoming an especially sensitive topic if the company does so without informing its employees that they are being monitored. Therefore, businesses need to clear the legal aspects before using a […] Tags: , , , ,

How to Log Keystrokes on Mac?

How to log keystrokes on Mac? There is no doubt that Amac Keylogger for Mac, the most powerful and professional Mac keystroke recorder plays a significant role in capturing all Mac activities by logging keystrokes. It can record all keystrokes including websites visited, applications opened, chat conversations online, so you can also use it to […] Tags: , ,

Keep Tabs on Mac Activities with Keyboard Recorder for Mac 301

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Raise Internet Safety with Apple Keystroke Recorder

Apple keystroke recorder comes into being on the market and raises people’s focus on Internet safety. With the wide use of the Internet, it seems that many people ignore online security. Especially the people who begin to surf on the Internet become younger. According to the recent survey of family safety, there are several dangerous things […] Tags: , , ,

Top 3 Highlights of a Key Logger for Mac

A key logger for Mac is an application which can be installed on your computer to secretly keep a record of all activities and communications transpire on your device, such as typed keystrokes, visited websites, desktop snapshots, chat conversations, composed emails and even more. However, when it comes to a key logger for Mac, what […] Tags: , , , , ,

Retrieve Data with Keylogger for Mac 301

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