Easemon Features

Easemon Employee Monitor for Mac and Windows PC is a centralized employee monitoring solution, invisibly monitors logs keystrokes, emails, instant messages, screenshots, websites visited, applications, etc. There is no faster or more accurate way to monitor employee activities in following aspects than with this Employee Monitoring Software for Mac and Windows PC.

Log dangerous Inputs

Easemon allows you to monitor and record the content that your employees type with the keyboard of Mac and Windows PC, including recording in which applications the keystrokes were typed when they were typed and the text details.

  • Record composed emails
  • Log typed chat messages
  • Show control keys like Enter/Backspace/Shift

Monitor Websites Visited

Easemon is an unmatched web monitoring tool which keeps track of the URLs of the websites that your employees visited.

  • Record websites visited in Safari/Chrome/FireFox
  • Logging websites visited in Private browsing mode or Incognito Mode

Application Usage Monitoring

Easemon allows you to monitor the application usage. You will clearly know which applications your employees have used and which one is the most used to find out who is hardworking and who is wasting work time.

  • Calculate how long an Application has been used
  • Correlate application logs with captured screenshots
  • Display the most used applications
  • App report by user to detect who are wasting work time

Alert with Screenshots Captured

Easemon takes a screenshot automatically when a keyword you preset is triggered in the user activities, which allows you to visually see the important activities such as leaking company secrets, visiting inappropriate websites, playing games and chatting

  • Take a screenshot when a keyword is triggered
  • Capture a screenshot via App Name.
  • Set Alert word category: Secret, Inappropriate, Websites etc.
  • Play the captured screenshots as a slideshow

Email Notification

After configuration, Easemon can send a notification email to you if the specific alert word is detected so that you can take actions accordingly as soon as possible.

  • Multiple notifications based on Alert categories.
  • Send out notification emails periodically

View and Export Logs online

Easemon automatically monitors all activities happening on the target Mac or Windows PC and uploads the activity logs to a server as a centralized workstation, from which you can check, manage, analyze and export the logged data.

  • View logs online anywhere
  • Export/Print logs as archive or evidence

Remote Control

Easemon allows you to remotely control the clients such as remotely update, uninstall or ban the client.

  • Remotely update or unisntall Easemon Client
  • Remotely Log Out, Restart, Shut Down the target Mac or Windows PC.

Centralized Co-Working

Easemon allows administrators to set up multiple managers and roles to manage teams by department or groups with different privileges.

  • Multiple roles, users, groups
  • Various flexible privileges

Invisible, Stable and Secure

Easemon addresses every view of its own ability to be best invisible, stable and secure. Apart from working in stealth mode, Easemon builds up a mature and complete system to protect itself from discovery, bypassing and invasion.

  • Stay invisible and undetectable
  • Self-preservation driver
  • Secured Easemon Cloud
  • Monitor both Local and Network Users

Easy to Install and Use

Easemon is easy to install and use on the Mac and Windows computer. The installation of Easemon can be easily done, no configuration needed.

  • One-click install
  • Admin Password required to install
  • Install remotely with SSH script(For Volume License)