Improve Productivity & Efficiency

Could employers bear the cost of not knowing what amount of lost efficiency is costing their company?

Nowadays there are so many distractions that it seems difficult to keep yourself focused at work. Teleworking, work-life balance, and omnipresent distractions all require a statistics driven approach to retaining high productivity. Employers need to know what is ordinary and what is excessive with regards to the non-business related activity.

Efficiency Losses

According to a survey, an employee average squanders 3 hours per week on individual web use, which is equivalent to 6.8% of the employees’ salaries every year.

Are Employers Paying for This?

According to the reports of HRM Employee Internet Management, the world’s most trafficked free porn site shows that 70% of all web traffic (which has almost 40 million viewers) happens during the working time between 9 A.M. and 5 P.M. What amazing data! Is it true that employers are paying for this? Definitely yes!

Calculate and Track Productivity to Boost Success

Every employer wants the employees to work with high efficiency for achieving more benefits. However, it seems quite difficult for employees to use their talents and energy to the fullest capacity. Thus, it is very important for every supervisor to track what employees do and calculate their efficiency and productivity.

It is not enough to only depend on the opinions and decisions of supervisors because opinions or decisions by subjective usually don’t reply on the strict facts or are not reasonable for the business. A clear and detailed report will help every employer figure out how the work gets done, and know how to make employees work more efficiently to yield countless benefits.

Easemon employee monitoring software provides a system of record that clearly and impersonally displays employees’ activities done on the target Mac or Windows PC, which enables supervisors to easily make better decisions.

Measure Employee Output

It is very essential to calculate employee productivity, which means employers must know the total output and total input. The output of an individual employee means the contribution an employee makes for the company. Or more simply, employers have to know the detailed information about what their employees do at work every day.

Identify Non-Work Related Activity

Every one of us is easily distracted by anything in our lives, so it is impossible for us to ignore the things or lives that are not related to the work we are handling. It is very important for every supervisor to identify how much time the employees spend on non-work related activity during their working time because doing non-work related activity excessively has a bad effect on the productivity.

Increase Employee Efficiency

Time is limited every day, so making the most of our time is very critical. For employers, it is quite important to know how to increase employee efficiency. The most effective strategy is to track and limit how much time employees spend on tasks. With this method, employers can get the data about how much time employees spend in finishing the task, and accurately estimate if the employees should increase their efficiency.

Effective Employee Management

An effective employee management solution helps employers use staff efficiently, and ensures that the company has the right number of employees in the right positions at the right time. Getting the detailed data report about the employees allows employers to make more effective and reasonable plans, and helps them avoid misusing and wasting the resources.

User Review

“Thanks to the data and reports provided by Easemon, we estimated employees’ productivity once again and created more reasonable staff plans. Now many employees focus on their jobs during their working time, so Easemon has greatly improved and increased efficiency and productivity!” — Mark Smith, CEO, ABD

The Solution Easemon Provides

Take Timely Security Measures

Easemon invisibly collects all activity on Mac and Windows PC, such as keystrokes typed, date and time of app usage, website history, social media activity, Emails, and enables you to view the monitoring log remotely via online server.

Produce Detailed Monitoring Log

The easy-to-use dashboard of Easemon also provides you with the detailed monitoring logs, and helps you find wanted information from large amounts of data on the online server easily and quickly.

Take Timely Security Measures

When you receive alerts that employees are doing non-work related activities, you can take corresponding actions, eg., filtering inappropriate applications or websites, and creating filtering rules for different time.

Productivity is actually a concrete metric that employers can track and assign value to. As a reliable employee monitoring program, Easemon is well-featured to provide powerful, accurate, timely, and secure data recording and analyzing that play an important role in improving efficiency and productivity!


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