Employee Monitoring Software for macOS Sierra 10.12 Released

EaseMon is the best employee monitoring system for Mac OS X and it was updated to v1.7 on November 2, 2016 which now supports macOS Sierra 10.12. EaseMon v1.7 is the first employee monitoring software for macOS Sierra 10.12 with features especially designed for office computer monitoring to help improve productivity and protect from inside […] Tags: , , , ,

Amac Keylogger for macOS Sierra 10.12 is available to download

We are delighted to deliver a piece of good news to our users that now Amac Keylogger for macOS Sierra 10.12 is available to download! Amac Keylogger for macOS fully supports macOS Sierra 10.12 from all aspects! Users can use it to keep tabs on all the Apple computers which run the latest Mac operating […] Tags: , , , , ,

Aobo Keylogger for macOS Sierra 10.12 is Available to Update

After hard work of day and night, we’d like to share a piece of exciting news with our users that now Aobo Keylogger for macOS Sierra 10.12 is available to update! The latest Aobo Keylogger for macOS is highly compatible with macOS Sierra 10.12. You can make full use of the overall monitoring features of […] Tags: , , , , , , ,

Keylogger for Mac OS X : Monitor Children Remotely 301

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Spy on Keystrokes Inputted on Mac with Spy Technology (Spytech) Keylogger for Mac

Those who want to keep an eye on their children’s activities can use Spy Technology (Spytech) Keylogger for Mac. In the present days, many children have started to use Mac and the Internet, so they are exposed to many unwanted things present on the Internet. Most of the parents are not aware of their children’s […] Tags: , ,

How is mobile stealth (mobistealth) spy software for Mac useful?

The mobile stealth (mobistealth) spy software for Mac is widely used by many people to track all the information from a particular Mac without the knowledge of the Mac users. In the article, mobile stealth can also be called mobistealth in short. It is extensive software which makes people feel more comfortable with its effective […] Tags: , , , , ,

Monitor Children’s Mac Activities with Kids Growth Bodyguard (KGB) keylogger for Mac

If you have come across Kids Growth Bodyguard (KGB) keylogger for Mac, then you know that it has been there for long. It is also called KGB keylogger for Mac in short in the article, which is a secure and useful Mac keylogger to monitor the activities on employees and children’s Mac. How does Kids […] Tags: , ,

How to Remove Spyware from Mac

How to remove spyware from Mac has become a question concerned by many Mac users. Apple strives to ensure that their customers feel secure whenever they are using their products. Although they have succeeded in keeping most of the common malware at bay, there have been threats and sometimes attacks on the systems. The Mac […] Tags: ,

Best Security and Surveillance App for Mac

Have you ever looked for a security and surveillance app for Mac? The notions that Macs are 100% secure no longer hold. With time, the security system has been infiltrated and they are now prone to threats. Although the level of threats is much lower than in windows, they are still threats nonetheless. It has, […] Tags:

Easy-to-use and effective Mac Keylogger for Kids (Kidlogger)

A Mac keylogger for kids (Kidlogger) is quite necessary for parents who are worried about the behavior of their children on Mac. Keylogger for kids can also be called as Kidlogger in short in the article. An increasing number of problems are coming out when children use Mac, which pushes parents to use a Mac […] Tags: , ,