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What is Easemon?

With 10 years of history, EaseMon is a reliable Time and Productivity tracking software to help you track the employee work time and improve productivity. It provides best-in-class features to help you manage your team’s performance every day. With EaseMon, you can easily track web visits and app usage to identify non-work-related activities and ineffective employees. You may take screenshots of employees’ activities with EaseMon to save evidence for the inappropriate activities. Easemon is safe to use with the option to use your own server to store your data.


Easemonis an easy-to-use Employee Time and Productivity Monitoring System with essensial features and comprehensive reports to help employers track the employee behaviours in the workplacee.

Alert on dangerous words
Monitor Websites Visited
Track Application usage
Take screenshots
Send alerts by Email
Remote Control

What makes EaseMon the best?

EaseMon is Computer Monitoring System for Mac and Windows PC that keeps track of the computer activities from a central location. There are situations where it’s necessary to monitor employees in secret way, especially when you expect to develop hard, physical evidence in confirmation of negative behaviors. Deployed on the computers, Easemon covers the tracks and keeps the close watch over employees by itself. A self-preservation driver is available to shield the computer users from quitting the Easemon process.

Top Features to Improve Team Efficiency

Automatic time tracking

Automatically track time for each task as soon as the computer starts up. Optimize time spent on different projects.

URL and app tracking

Track URLs of visited websites and usage of installed apps. Find out the most used apps and the inefficient employees.

Document title tracking

Check the documents your employees have worked on by viewing the document title in programs like Google Sheet, Google Docs, etc.

Idle time tracking

See how much time employees don’t spend on the computer during work hours. Identify long breaks, unnecessary meetings, or potential work time abuse.

Project time tracking

Identify the time employees spent on projects. Appropriately distribute hourly rates to relevant employees.

Automatic screenshots

Automatically capture screenshots, allowing you to visualize harmful activities such as leaking company secrets, visiting inappropriate websites, playing games, chatting, and more.

Absence calendar

Record employee absences such as sick leave, personal leave, parental leave, business travel, and so on to improve HR planning and organization-wide transparency.

Shift scheduling

Manage employee shifts through assigned shift schedules, or activate the feature to allow employees to request specific shifts.


Generate invoices for clients based on time spent on specific projects. Automatically calculate employee rates with auto-generated invoices.

Who Needs Easemon
Computer Monitoring Software?

Not only does Easemon allow you to monitor your employees as they work and track their time, it also automatically generates reports. You can filter these by employee, by projects, and by specific date ranges. The reports can include websites visited and the employee productivity level. Always have the information you need and even export or email the reports for external use.

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Easemon Testimonials

Spy APP User

It is essential for my company to monitor the efficiency and productivity of all my employees. We already received high returns with low costs after the first month of using this free productivity monitoring software.

David Semonian

Spying APP

Thanks for all of your help! This has been the best customer service I’ve ever had with a tech company, not to mention the impressive product itself! Everyone I chatted or emailed with was highly prompt and helpful!

Tracey Marquez

Spy APP User

EaseMon is the best productivity tracking software to keep my employees in check. I have caught several goof-offs during working hours. Super happy that I don’t go wrong with this purchase!

Dennis Anderson

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