How to Spy on Your Employees Efficiently? - employee monitoring software

Do you really have to spy on employees and check on them from time to time? The company’s ultimate goal is growth and profitability; and employees play a significant role to achieve this. Yet, you are not sure if everyone is working with efficiency. A lot of employees find ways to fritter time over Twitter, […]

Comprehensive Employee Monitoring Software Review - employee monitoring software

With the increase in Internet use, online gaming, shopping and watching videos, employers and network administrators have to now keep track of employee Internet use, monitor staff IM chats, and keep track of employees’s online activities such as shopping online and playing games. Monitoring employee Internet use is easy thanks to the free employee monitoring […]

Should You Spy on Your Employees’ Computer? - employee monitoring software

Why should you spy on your employees’ computer? Because of developed mobile platform and increased social media websites, more and more employees nowadays are leaning towards slacking their valuable office time on unproductive work. This has caused a huge problem for employers as they are now paying their employees for using Facebook and playing games […]

How to Deal with Negative Employees - employee monitoring software

If you are a manager of a company, dealing with negative employees or difficult employees is what you must have dealt with in your career. There are many such individuals in the company, and it is the responsibility of the manager to deal with them. You cannot neglect such workers in your team because their […]

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