Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

Here are a few customer testimonials that some customers have had to say about our award-winning software. These testimonials are unedited – except for last names. Last names have been dropped for customer confidentiality and some customers have chosen to remain totally anonymous. If you have a testimonial for us please contact us! I really appreciate the rapid response.

A GREAT product with excellent customer care. Top-notch operation.

– Rob G. VERY Satisfied Customer

Thanks, all works now. You guys are great. I use this to monitor my kids’ Internet usage. Every parent should know about this. Thanks again. Your support team is wonderful.

– Steve M

I believe your product helped us keep our youngest off drugs. WE were right on top of what was going on. my kids and I have said maybe when our son is 30 we will tell him how we knew what was going on and when. Your product very well may have saved his life. one of his friends died of an overdose last Nov. 4 others were arrested 2 years ago. 3 are still on probation the 4th one is in state prison. these are all great kids just got messed up with the wrong stuff. your product really gave us an INSIDE to what was going on. Every parent of a preteen or teenager should have it on their computer. feel free to use my name if anyone needs a testimonial to your product. We do recommend your product to our friends.

– Marilyn P

To Whom It May Concern,I want to let you know that your software was instrumental in my catching my kids at several things. First and foremost, he was viewing pornography that had very upsetting titles to me. Although not true “child” porn, the titles included illegal ages. He’s been hitting “married but looking” websites too! Once I knew the depth of what was going on, I copied the hard drive and sent the original to a “computer forensic” person. My 15-year-old daughter and I are on our way to exiting a potentially dangerous relationship.

– Name withheld for privacy

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