Do you know what’s your man doing at work? - Employee Computer Monitoring

Internet has become the necessary tool for companies especially IT related companies. However convenience goes with problems. Nowadays, the online social networking websites and the video sharing platforms such as YouTube,Metacafe or Facebook, attract a huge number of visitors every day including those people who are indolent during the working hours. The video games and […]

Industrious or Indolent? Test with employee monitoring - Employee Computer Monitoring

You may need to test employees with employee monitoring when judging industrious or indolent employees, which is similar to distinguish students in the classroom. There’re good students who pay attention to the class and follow the rules, and there’re also Mischievous Boys. Likewise, in the office, cautious, conscientious and indolent, unoccupied employees are out there. […]

Boss is behind you - Employee Computer Monitoring

Why do you feel that boss is behind you? Here is a story of my friend. "I just visited My-Space website, 10 minutes later I got a phone call from my boss, who was in another city, asking me why I am on that website rather than working. It’s like that my boss is behind […]

Employee privacy in the workplace - Employee Computer Monitoring

How to maintain employee privacy in the workplace when employers decide to monitor employee activities for company security concern? For many big and small businesses, employee monitoring seems to be a part and parcel of employee management.  But employee privacy in the workplace also needs to be considered on the part of employees. Is it […]

Tips for Employee Computer Monitoring - Employee Computer Monitoring

Employee computer monitoring is a necessity for those employers who want to run their companies at a high-rate tempo. The use of computers and the Internet is no longer a pipe dream in organizations. In fact, more companies are automating their services and sooner than later, manual operations will be a thing of the past. […]

Computer Monitoring is Necessary - Employee Computer Monitoring

Contrary to popular perception, computer monitoring is no longer a vice especially in the corporate world. The high use of computers makes it important now, more than ever to know what your employees are engaged in during the working hours. With the rise in Internet activities, some employees tend to spend time on activities that […]

What’s New in EaseMon 5.40 - Employee Computer Monitoring

Spytech EaseMon 5.4 Powerful Centralized Network Surveillance EaseMon 5.4 boasts many new exciting features that make network computer monitoring and surveillance an extremely easy task. Read below to check out some of EaseMon’s new key features.     Centralized Real-time Network Monitoring Real-time Activity Ticker EaseMon now offers an activity ticker that updates continuously, showing each […]

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