What to Expect from Your Windows XP Keylogger

There is a lot that goes into selecting the right Windows XP keylogger to make sure that all activity on your computers is recorded. But why does one need this software? Well, there are quite a few reasons for the same. For example, if you are having a problem with employee productivity and find your […] Tags: , , , ,

Uses of Free Remote Keylogger

What will you do if you gift a new laptop to kids or kids who you cannot trust? It is also the case when someone else is accessing some unwanted sites from your computer and it is therefore essential to monitor the activities that are being executed by other users. They may be making misuse […] Tags: , ,

Remotely Spy any PC with Micro Keylogger

In order to be in full control of what your PC is being used for, you need to know all the activity that takes place through it. This is of particular importance in case of home computers which is in access of multiple users who are often the members of the same family, and computers […] Tags: , , , ,

How to Record Keyboard Strokes on Mac

Recording keyboard strokes on Mac is significant and necessary if you want to know what happens to the ones you care. As for the computer, apart from the advanced software, the hardware is quite essential as well. Take the keyboard usage as the example, generally speaking, people would prefer to enter the words through keyboard […] Tags: , , ,

Micro Keylogger for PC

Micro Keylogger, the professional Keylogger for PC, can log all the activities, including the keystrokes entered, the websites visited, the applications used as well as the folders downloaded, happened on the PC in a secret and undetectable way. It has the ability to block certain kinds of websites and applications from running and send the […] Tags: , , , , ,

Use a Keylogger for Mac to Monitor Coworkers, Kids & Employees 301

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How to Choose an Advanced Keylogger for PC

Computers have become a significant part in the daily life. However, computers are filled with a great number of secrets these days! Maybe you are thinking about recording some hidden information from the device by using advanced keyloggers. After making a few searches on the Internet, you might feel very confused which one to select. […] Tags: , , , , ,

Mac Keystroke Recorder to Log Everything For You

Are you still finding A good application to record all things done on the keyboard of your Mac? Or do you want to find a recording software to help you monitor and log all your children’s activity on the computer? Now you don’t need to worry anymore! The most professional Mac keystroke recorder – Amac […] Tags: , , , ,

Software Keystroke Logger

Micro Keylogger is not only known as the best software keystroke logger which can keep track of almost everything happening on your computer, it is also used for data backup to protect you from data loss. Have you ever experienced that the electricity is cut out or the computer crashes out of sudden or you […] Tags: , , , ,

Can I Send a Mac Keylogger with Email?

Can I send and install a Mac Keylogger through email? Some users want to spy on the Mac computer they own but currently don’t have direct access, so they come up with the idea of sending a Mac Keylogger to the target Mac via Email, so that it could attach the keylogger to the Mac, […] Tags: , , , ,