What is the Best Business Computer Monitoring Software? - Spy Software

The best business computer monitoring software for Mac such as Easemon can used to decrease a lot of repulsive things in the company so as to efficiently boost employee productivity. These are the usual bad scenario at the office that employees slay time on Facebook, use company computers to shop online, or pinch company intellectual […]

Use Cheating Spouse Spy Software Legally - Spy Software

Is it easier to figure out if your spouse has cheated on you with a cheating spouse spy software program? However, there is a big problem is that you can only monitor your wife or husband after you get their permission, or it is illegal to do that. We strongly suggest that you shouldn’t use […]

Guide to Choose Spy Software - Spy Software

A guide to choose spy software also matters a lot when you are considering monitoring software. A spy software program does not necessarily mean software used for spying. It can mean any software that monitors all activities of a user. You need a guide to choose spy software depending on what you need to monitor […]

What’s the Differences Between Hardware Keylogger and Keylogger Software - Spy Software

Do you know the differences between hardware keylogger and keylogger software? In short, keylogger, which is categorized into two main categories: software based keylogger and hardware based keylogger, can silently record every keystroke typded on a computer without any notice of the computer user. All keyboard activities can be captured in stealth mode. Keystroke logging […]

Keep Tabs On Your Kids With Spy Software - Spy Software

As a parent, you would want to keep tabs on your kids with spy software. Obviously, not all kids are open to their parents, which may include yours. There are kids who would want to keep their online behavior sealed for different purposes possible. Sometimes, they believe that opening up to a parent means exposing […]

Tips for Catching a Cheating Spouse - Spy Software

You may need some tips for catching a cheating spouse when you are cornered. Stop lying to yourself about these abnormal changes in your loved one. Just do something to find out the truth. And here are some tips for catching a cheating spouse. Tips for Catching a Cheating Spouse Are you starting to feel […]

Can I Use Spy Software to Spy My Spouse? - Spy Software

“Can I use spy software to catch a cheating spouse?” This question may has been asked by many people. Definitely the answer is no! Keep in mind that you cannot catch a cheating spouse with spy software without getting his/her permission since it may interfere with the invasion of privacy. And so, unfortunately, anything features […]

The Spy Software That You Cannot But Know - Spy Software

There are some spy software programs that you need to know for parental control or employee monitoring. With the development of information technology, more and more people surf the Internet. Computer makes our life more comfortable and convenient as it becomes an indispensable part of everyone’s daily lives. However, it always be abused. That’s why […]

Stealth FTP Account Service - Spy Software

The stealth FTP account service makes it convenient for users to check the target Mac activities remotely and secretly by providing overall services to users. In this post, we will introduce the stealth FTP account service in detail. Stealth FTP Account Service Benefits Spytech presents a new easy-to-use FTP account service – Stealth FTP. Our […]

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