Hogense monitor keylogger

improve insider threat prevention

Hogense monitor keylogger is an easy-to-use monitoring tool that runs in a completely invisible mode. It takes screenshots periodically, logs all keystrokes typed and clipboard information, records e-mails, Internet activity and chat conversations of both sides. All in all, as long as you have installed this software, you won’t miss anything happening on the monitored PC.

If you are looking for the PC keylogger with the blocking function, you should take Micro Keylogger for reference.

Micro Keylogger, the powerful PC keylogger, is running completely invisible. It captures screenshots in an interval, logs all keystrokes and password typed, texts on the clipboard, website history and chat conversations at your ends. In a word, Micro keylogger allows you to master everything happening on the monitored PC. Furthermore, its blocking functions allow you to block all the undesirable websites and applications on the monitored PC.

What Can You Do With Micro Keylogger?

  • Monitor Children
    Children today are growing up with the internet, they are quite comfortable and knowledgeable about the web and how it works, but they may not be prepared for everything that they might encounter. Many children who go online have been solicited for sex or received pornographic images in the mail, some of the mails were sent by someone the child already knows. They chat online with others, but often have no way of knowing who they are actually talking to.
    Child Internet security is an enormously important issue; however, parents often have no idea how to handle it. With Micro Keylogger, you will be able to ensure the security of your child on the internet by checking his emails, keeping an eye on chat conversations.
  • Monitor Employee
    Are you sure that your employees use their time and available computer resources in the most effective manner? Do you trust that they do not misuse your trade secrets and confidential information?
    Micro Keylogger is a powerful tool to address lack of employee productivity and protect your company from disloyalty.
  • Monitor Your PC
    What was going on your computer during your absence? What was run and when, what text was typed? With Micro Keylogger, you will be able to establish the full control over your computer.
  • Monitor School Internet
    Safeguarding students are more challenging than ever before. Schools face new concerns: inappropriate web use, gaming, social networking, hacking and at-risk behavior. Micro Keylogger can monitor and record student on-line activity and computer use in schools.

Micro Keylogger features:

  • Work Automatically
    Micro Keylogger activates itself automatically in a stealth and undetectable mode when windows start. It is impossible for the monitored user to discover its existence
  • Keystrokes Logging
    Micro Keylogger records the keystroke, password, the IM chat conversation at your side on the monitored users PC. All the online behavior of the monitored users is under your control.
  • Texts Pasted Logging
    Micro Keylogger is a comprehensive keylogger for PC that not only records keystrokes typed on the computer but also logs the texts on the clipboard in detail.
  • Web Logging
    Micro Keylogger can help you monitor internet activity, including URL, site title and time stamp. You are able to check whether your employees are wasting the working time on the websites unrelated to the work.
  • Web Blocking
    Whenever you check the website history and discover anything inappropriate, Micro Keylogger has the website blocking function so that you are able to block all those undesirable websites on monitored PC.
  • Screenshot Capturing
    Micro Keylogger can log just about every action a user makes, from every keystroke they type to the website they visit. You can configure it to take snapshots of screen as frequently as you want.
  • Email/FTP Delivery
    It is impossible to approach to the monitored PC every time when you need to view the logged information, so the remote delivery of Micro Keylogger seems quite essential. It allows you to check the logs through your email box or FTP space.
  • Remote Control
    Apart from remote checking the logs recorded, Micro Keylogger also supports remotely controlling its monitoring status. It is able to switch on/off the keylogger through the remote control portal.
  • Password Protection
    There is a password protected interface and hot-key combination for accessing Micro Keylogger. Nobody can log into the interface of the PC spying app without entering correct password.