What Features A Perfect Keylogger Must Have? - keylogger

In the world of today, life without the internet is hard to imagine. Let alone the adults, even children find it difficult to get through the day without logging on to their Facebook account and updating their status. Where the internet serves as a fantastic platform to educate and acquire information about different things, sometimes […]

How to See What Your Children Have Done on Computers - keylogger

Recently, I suspect that my child is looking at illegal or unwanted websites, which worries me. Is there any way for me to see what my child has done on his computer? Micro Keylogger monitors what takes place on the computer. It records almost everything that your child does while on the computer, both online […]

Micro Keylogger v2.01 Released - keylogger

Micro Keylogger, an invisible keylogger for Windows 8/7/Vista/XP 32&64 bit systems, released the new version Micro Keylogger v2.01 on February 13, 2014. What’s new in Micro Keylogger v2.01? Improved the email delivery feature Fixed some other small bugs Micro Keylogger v2.01 reduces the probability of incorrect email settings by suggesting the email sending interval when […]

Micro Keylogger v2.00 Released - keylogger

Micro Keylogger, an invisible keylogger for Windows 8/7/Vista/XP 32&64 bit systems, released the updated Micro Keylogger v2.00 on January 13, 2014. What’s new in Micro Keylogger v2.00? Improved the screenshot capturing feature Improved the email delivery feature Fixed an issue in keystroke/website logging Fixed some other small bugs The Micro Keylogger new version improved the […]

Best Spying Software - keylogger

The online game addiction is becoming a growing problem all over the world. Many teenagers waste a whole lot of money or even sacrifice almost everything for playing online games instead of communicating with outside world, which has a negative effect on children. It seems that Internet game addiction has seriously harmed our children, and […]

Software Keystroke Logger - keylogger

Micro Keylogger is not only known as the best software keystroke logger which can keep track of almost everything happening on your computer, it is also used for data backup to protect you from data loss. Have you ever experienced that the electricity is cut out or the computer crashes out of sudden or you […]

Keylogger to Keep Kids Safe - keylogger

The reliable keylogger tracks what your kids typed, any files they sent and received, IM chat conversations at your end, as well as which website they visited, giving you an opportunity to spot any threat for your kids and take steps timely. As we all know, parents are not expected to get too involved in […]

Computer Monitoring Software - keylogger

Micro Keylogger offers complete computer monitoring solution of your computer. You can monitor all the activities related to your computer effectively with the stealthy computer monitoring software. No matter who uses the computer, Micro Keylogger will report back all the activities. Even when you are not present, it enables you to completely watch over the […]

Protect Children with Keylogger - keylogger

Protect kids online with advanced keylogger software that does both monitoring and filtering jobs. Utilize Micro Keylogger to record visited websites and filter porn websites. Masses of teenagers are living in unsafe and unprotected environment, especially after they enter the cyber world. Children, especially teenagers are more easily addicted to porn websites at an early […]

Track Websites with Keylogger - keylogger

Micro Keylogger will effectively track websites visited and detect URL address, page title, and time of access of every website visited with commonly used web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Chrome and Opera, even if the Private mode is enabled. Kids use the Internet while parents are at work and every time when parents […]

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