Ultimate Keylogger

improve insider threat prevention

Ultimate Keylogger monitors all activities on monitored PC, including applications, keystrokes, passwords, clipboard, chat, email and visited websites. It also works in a complete undetectable way. During the monitoring sessions, it won’t appear in the task manager at all.

The software can be installed with several simple clicks and runs maintenance free. It displays reports in web format or zip-compressed and encrypts the reports invisibly via Email, FTP or network. Ultimate Keylogger has a password protected interface and customizable hot-key.

If you have the intention to find the best ultimate keylogger for your computer, then Micro Keylogger should give the first priority.


Micro Keylogger turns out to be the best ultimate keylogger. It monitors all activities happening on the monitored computer, including keystrokes, passwords, chat conversation at your end, texts on the clipboard, visited websites in a complete invisible and undetectable mode.

Besides that, the PC monitoring software has the blocking function which can block all the undesirable websites and applications on the monitored PC as well.

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Main Functions of Micro Keylogger

  • Running Silently and Secretly – The monitoring and blocking functions are happening in a stealth and undetectable mode.
  • Record Keystrokes&Passwords – The keystrokes and password typed on the keyboard of your PC can be captured.
  • Log the Texts on the Clipboard – All texts that are copied or cut to the clipboard will be recorded in detail.
  • Log IM Message at Your Side – The ultimate keylogger can keep track of the IM chat conversations and time stamp at your end.
  • Track All the Website Visited – The URL of the websites visited, the date and time on IE/Firefox/Google Chrome can be recorded.
  • Block Undesirable Websites – The unsuitable websites and applications can be blocked on the monitored PC by keywords or URLs.
  • Capture Screenshots Periodically – Micro Keylogger can take screenshots in a customized interval to present the vivid visualized image.
  • Deliver Reports via Email/FTP – The results can be delivered to email address or FTP space for the convenience of remote checking.
  • Remote Control – You can remotely turn on or turn off the Micro Keylogger by the remote control portal.
  • Password Protection – Nobody can get access to the interface to change the configurations until the correct password entered.
  • Multiple Users Optional – The monitoring behavior can be switched from the current user account to all users’ accounts freely.

What can you do with Micro Keylogger?

  • Instruct Kids’ PC Usage
    Owing to the fact that there is much inappropriate information flooding on the internet, it is quite essential to instruct kids PC usage. The ultimate keylogger allows you to master your kids online behavior in real time. What’s more, you can protect your kids in the emergency situations.
  • Detect Kid’s PC Behavior
    If you have the feelings that your kids intends to hide something to you, Micro Keylogger allows you to check your kids’s PC activities on your email box or FTP space remotely so that you are able to clean out your suspicion and find out the truths.
  • Supervise Employees’ Online Behavior
    The ultimate keylogger can help you figure out whether your employees are wasting time on visiting the websites unrelated to the current job or not. Meanwhile, it allows you to block all those undesirable websites on your employees’ PC.
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  • Control PC Usage of Yourselves
    Whenever you are the person with weak-willed but still inclines to learn more from the internet, the PC spying software, which has the monitoring and blocking functions, can help you control the online behavior of yourself so as to resist the irrelevant websites.
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