Legal Ways of Monitoring Employees and Preventing Internal Fraud 301

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Protect Your Company with Computer Tracking Software

Unless you are running computer tracking software, a single employee can bring down an organization. That’s right, just think about it for a moment. One employee could put the company in jeopardy through Internet misuse, email and computer use. An organization can be held liable for damages or face litigation emanating from racist comments, copyright […] Tags: , , ,

How Mac Computer Monitoring Is Helpful to Boost the Employee Productivity

Mac computer monitoring software plays a great role in boosting employees’ productivity. Nowadays, people are making use of Macintosh computer for personal and business purposes. If your children or employees are using the computer system, you may want to monitor what applications or sites they explore online. It raises the need of an application that […] Tags: , , ,

What a Mac Keylogger Can Do for You 301

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Employee Monitoring Keylogger

Have you ever thought about checking the activities of your office computers with employee monitoring keylogger? It’s necessary and significant for you to prevent business information leakage and improve employee productivity in the workplace. Easemon employee monitoring keylogger is a good choice for you to monitor employees’ activities and increase employee productivity. Monitor Employees with […] Tags: , , ,

Benefits of Installing Computer Spy Software

Parents or employers can experience the benefits of computer spy software when they want to use some tool to keep everything under control. Computer spy software such as Easemon is widely used at home and in the firms to monitor children or employees’ computer usage. However, it’s now available to anyone who wants to use […] Tags: , , ,

Micro Keylogger – Free Keylogger – Invisible Keystroke logger Free

Free Keylogger is an invisible free keystroke logger. Micro Keylogger – Free Keylogger is designed for covert surveillance and PC activity monitoring, which works correctly on windows. With Micro Keylogger – Free Keylogger you will know what other users are doing on a computer and track their Internet usage. Attend to Your Children with Free […] Tags: , , , , , , ,

Is It Legal to Install a Mac Keylogger on Work Laptop

Appropriate staff supervision is essential for an effective team. Following the increasing amount of work which depends upon computer in these days, employee computer monitoring becomes progressively important. A simple employee monitoring keylogger for mac will record all key presses, but most of nowadays keylogger for mac records more, like websites and chats. Employers want to […] Tags: , , ,

Best Windows 7 Keylogger For Windows 7 Platform

Are you looking for Keylogger for Windows 7 but without success? Do you want to keep control of the online activities of your employees at working time? Do you want to find any monitoring software for Windows 7 to find out what is happening to your kids? As Windows 7 becomes very popular for our […] Tags: , , , , , , , , , ,

What’s the Difference Between Hardware Keylogger and Keylogger Software

Do you know the differences between hardware keylogger and keylogger software? In short, keylogger, which is categorized into two main categories: software based keylogger and hardware-based keylogger, can silently record every keystroke typed on a computer without any notice of the computer user. All keyboard activities can be captured in stealth mode. Keystroke logging is […] Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , ,