Industrious or Indolent? Test with employee monitoring

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You may need to test employees with employee monitoring when judging industrious or indolent employees, which is similar to distinguish students in the classroom. There’re good students who pay attention to the class and follow the rules, and there’re also Mischievous Boys. Likewise, in the office, cautious, conscientious and indolent, unoccupied employees are out there. The difference is that one of the tasks of teachers is reforming the bad students, while most of the business executives have no patient waiting for the bad employees to turn to make a good performance. So the executives begin to apply the employee monitoring software to make the decisions about promoting industrious or firing the indolent.

Employee Monitoring Software Optimizes Human Resource

What are you doing during working hours usually? Besides the things related to your job, it seems there’re many more options: playing games, chatting with friends, browsing entertainment websites, shopping online… These leisure tricks will not affect the whole, which is thought by most of the people, but today they may become the obstacle in the way to be promoted.

Once the employee Mac computer monitoring program is installed in the office computer system, it’s able to keep an eye on the staff who use the devices. After several days’ watching, executives will get a map of HR which shows clearly of employees who are hard-working for the company and who are indolent.

According to Charnock’s introduction, the executive of a software company in California, the black sheep in the office will become terror-stricken at the software. However, it’s good news to those unrecognized employees who are industrious with genius. They do not need to recommend themselves to the boss at a threat of being dismissed because the software is able to find them out.

As the computer becomes a more and more indispensable part to every field, employers can know employees’ behaviors, plans, interests and professional skills by nothing but analyzing the “electronic trace” left by employees. To reckon the investment income of every employee, business executives begin to import the quantify technology to the HR department.

Is Employee Monitoring Software Legal?

The creator insists that the employee computer monitoring software is not designed for employers to monitor employees, and the “optimize” function is bidirectional, he pointed out. Nevertheless, what employees need to realize is that absolute privacy never belongs to the working place. In the USA, all the e-mails and electronic records created in the working place belong to employers.

Technology Ethics Encounters Torture

“Don’ t be evil” is an informal motto of Google company. It’s obvious for a search engine leader to make it as their maxim. “Make a moral decision” is now an important duty of all the technology aimed at individuals.

Most of the time, the companies which create those technologies are not able to give a satisfactory answer when it comes to moral issues. Technology is a double-edged sword, or it’s only a container to be exact, it contains peoples’ gumption, the enthusiasm, and exception to the future, voracity, and evil. The employee monitoring software is not an exception. Though the success that the software provides is really what the business executives want to achieve, the dispute is never-ending. Where is the bottom line? Only depend on the self-discipline of both creators and users.

If you plan to test whether your employees are industrious or indolent, Easemon employee monitoring software can be a good tool. However, you also need to keep the degree of using the software. It would be better if you notify employees in advance that you plan to use the employee monitoring tool on their computers in the workplace.

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