Software or Hardware Keylogger for Mac Spy? 301

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Apply Keyloggers for Mac Monitoring

We can use a keylogger for Mac monitoring in our daily life. There are two kinds of keyloggers, namely software keylogger and hardware keylogger, available on the market for Mac users to monitor the activities on Mac. But in terms of function, the Keylogger for Mac is superior to hardware keylogger. Keylogger for Mac Monitoring […] Tags: , , , ,

Differences between Hardware Keylogger and Keylogger Software 301

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What’s the Difference Between Hardware Keylogger and Keylogger Software

Do you know the differences between hardware keylogger and keylogger software? In short, keylogger, which is categorized into two main categories: software based keylogger and hardware-based keylogger, can silently record every keystroke typed on a computer without any notice of the computer user. All keyboard activities can be captured in stealth mode. Keystroke logging is […] Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Hardware Keylogger -PS2 USB Keylogger

Compared with the USB Key Logger, Easemon keylogger for PC seems to be a better choice for parents and employees who have the monitoring needs. After reading the function comparison between USB and Easemon, you will understand why Easemon is a better choice for monitoring purpose. Overview of USB Keylogger USB key logger has an […] Tags: , ,

Hardware keylogger-USB Keylogger-PS/2 Keylogger 301

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