Hardware Keylogger -PS2 USB Keylogger

The USB Key Logger has an advanced flash file system. The super-fast data retrieval can be finished by switching into pen drive mode. The KeyGhost hardware keylogger can be easily connected within 5 seconds, even when computer is logged out, locked, switched off or has the password protection. Just plug it in! It works in a completely invisible mode and no software or drivers needed. Meanwhile, it also has the national keyboard layout function.

If you prefer to install a piece of software keylogger on the target computer, then, Micro Keylogger should be strongly recommended.

Micro Keylogger proved to be the professional PC spy software that can help you keep track of the behaviors in the following:

  • Monitor all activities invisibly
  • Log keystrokes & passwords typed
  • Record texts on the clipboard
  • Record IM messages at your side
  • Block websites and applications
  • Record visited websites
  • Take screenshots periodically
  • Deliver reports via email/FTP
  • Remotely turn on/off keylogger
  • Password protection
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Key Functions of Micro Keylogger

  • Monitor in a Stealth and Undetectable Mode
    The invisible and undetectable function of the PC spy software can ensure the reality of the result you get. It is the reality you want instead of the illusion created by your kids, your spouses or even your employees.
  • Log Keystrokes & Passwords Entered
    The keystrokes and the passwords typed through the keyboard can be captured by Micro Keylogger. Based on the logging information, you are able to master all your kids’ PC behavior in real time.
  • Record Texts on the Clipboard
    Micro Keylogger is able to record all texts on the clipboard, which means that all contents copied or cut on the computer will be logged clearly.
  • Record IM Message at Your Side
    The PC spy program can keep track of the IM chat conversation and the accurate time stamp at your end. It allows you to check whether your kids keep in touch with some dangerous people or not.
  • Trace Website History
    As long as you have installed Micro Keylogger, you are able to check the website visited on some popular web browsers, such as IE/Firefox/Google Chrome. Then, you can figure out what your kids are doing on the internet.
  • Block Undesirable Websites
    Apart from recording the website visited, the PC spy software also has the website blocking function. That is to say, once you have added the keywords or URLs to the blocking list, the unwanted websites and applications won’t appear on your kids’ PC again.
  • Take Screenshots in An Interval
    Micro Keylogger has the screenshots capturing function that can present the PC activities with the vivid visualized picture to you. You won’t miss anything happening on your employees’ PC.
  • Check Logs via Email or FTP
    The logs can be delivered to your email address or FTP space that you are able to check it remotely. You can check the logs anywhere anytime with the internet connection. The monitored users are unlikely to discover its existence.
  • Remotely Control the Keylogger
    You can remotely turn on or turn off the keylogger via the remote control portal, which makes it easy for you to control the monitoring status of Micro Keylogger.
  • Multiple Users Optional
    The PC spy software has the multiple users’ option that you can switch your monitoring from the current user account to all user accounts freely. It can be used at home or in the office freely.

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