How to Record Keyboard Strokes on Mac

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Recording keyboard strokes on Mac is significant and necessary if you want to know what happens to your children. As for the computer, apart from the advanced software, the hardware is quite essential as well. Take the keyboard usage as the example, generally speaking, people would prefer to enter the words through keyboard no matter it is the chat conversation or the website address. If you can find a software program that can record keyboard strokes on Mac, in a sense, you are able to know the Mac usage to a large extent. Maybe you still have some doubts about what can be recorded through the keyboard, you can take the below for reference.

Know Your Children’s Activities by Recording Keyboard Strokes on Mac

Aobo Keylogger for Mac is a piece of keystroke logging software that can record keyboard strokes on Mac. All chat conversations on Skype/ AIM/ iChat/ Adium/ Facebook can be recorded clearly. It allows you to know the name of senders and receivers, the accurate time stamps and the message contents. According to the logs of the IM message, you are able to know if your kid is connected with the strangers, then, you are allowed to protect your kids in the emergency situation.

What’s more, what can be recorded is not only the IM message but also the posts on social networks. As long as it can record keyboard strokes on Mac, you are able to know the Facebook and Twitter activities. Then, the messages and the comments that your kids performed are under your control. You are allowed to check whether your kids reveal their personal information or indulge with the so-called cyber-bullying on social networks. In this way, you can take the countermeasures effectively.

Log Web History by Recording Keyboard Keystrokes on Mac

Besides that, one of the essential functions of the Mac is to surf on the internet. Actually, the keystroke recorder that can record keyboard strokes on Mac includes the website history as well. In other words, the websites visited on Safari/Firefox/Google Chrome can be listed clearly. What’s more, even though the website history is deleted, it can be captured as well. So, it allows the parents to keep track of the website history so that they can supervise their kids’ online behaviors.

Monitor Everything in an Invisible Mode

Except for that, one of the basic elements of the software is the invisible monitoring. The invisible monitoring enables you to undergo your monitoring behavior in a totally undetectable and stealth mode so that the monitored user is less likely to discover the existence of the software. Aobo Mac Keylogger can record strokes entered on Mac computer keyboard so that you can take it into consideration.

For those who want to know what their children are doing on the Mac computers, Aobo Mac keylogger can be an effective tool. By recording keyboard keystrokes on Mac in a hidden mode, parents know chat content, web history, social networking activities that are conducted on children’s Mac computers.

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