Filter Internet on Mac with Internet Security Software

Internet security software like Aobo Keylogger is useful to block and filter inappropriate content online. With the rapid proliferation of communication technology everywhere, Internet usage has grown considerably both in developed and developing countries. Every day millions of websites are created and it has become virtually impossible to demarcate the good from the nefarious ones. […] Tags: , , ,

Types of Websites to Use Internet Block Software 301

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Apply Internet Filtering App to Your Mac Computer

As parents, you can apply an Internet filtering app to your Mac computer to prevent your children from accessing inappropriate websites and applications. As an increasing number of young children access the smart devices and the Internet, the use of an Internet filtering application is becoming more urgent than before. It’s Urgent to Use an […] Tags: , , ,

Block Websites with Employee Internet Filter for Mac

It’s useful and necessary to use an employee Internet filter for Mac to monitor whether employees use the company-offered Mac computers for non-work-related things in the workplace. Also, employers can use it to catch insider threats and prevent confidential business information leakage. The Necessity of Using an Employee Internet Filter for Mac The Internet is […] Tags: , , , , ,

Parental Web Blocker for Mac

Parental web blocker for Mac helps parents protect kids from inappropriate websites online. Nowadays, the Internet often plays a big role in the life of a very young child. While the truth is that the Internet brings us a lot of conveniences, but it also brings many dangers, especially for some young innocent children. Only […] Tags: , , , ,

How to Keep Children Away from Online Predators 301

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Keep Your Children Away from Online Predators 301

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Block Websites and Applications on Your Mac

With Aobo Filter for Mac, you can easily block websites and applications on your Mac. Whether you are a parent who is concerned about kids using Mac computers, or an employer who wants to restrict staff activities on office Mac, you can find an effective way to filter inappropriate websites and applications with the two […] Tags: , , , , ,