Web Filtering

What Can Easemon Web Filter Do? Easemon web filter makes management of Internet experience on and off the company network acceptable by providing end-users with the following specific features. Support Recording and Blocking Websites, Including HTTPS Log Search History from Search Engines and Social Media Sites Send Email Alerts When Inappropriate Activity Is Detected Create […] Tags: , , ,

Detect Inside Threats

An insider threat means a malicious threat to a group or organization that originates from a member who usually belongs to the group or organization, and has inside information concerning the organization’s security practices and computer systems. The insider threat may contain fraud, theft of confidential information, intellectual property theft, or computer systems sabotage. Generally, […]

Improve Productivity & Efficiency

Calculate and Track Productivity to Boost Success Easemon employee monitoring software provides a system of record that clearly and impersonally displays employees’ activities done on Mac or Windows PC, which enables supervisors to easily make better decisions so as to improve productivity and efficiency of employees. Invisible, Stable and Secure Easemon provides the most invisble, […] Tags: