Web Filtering - web filter

What Can Easemon Web Filter Do? Easemon web filter makes management of Internet experience on and off the company network acceptable by providing end-users with the following specific features. Support Recording and Blocking Websites, Including HTTPS Log Search History from Search Engines and Social Media Sites Send Email Alerts When Inappropriate Activity Is Detected Create […]

Aobo Filter for PC Helps Your Teens Get Rid of Porn Addiction - web filter

Does anyone know a program which I can install on my computer to filter improper websites online? Occasionally I found my son was visiting porn videos and websites on his computer. And such kind of web pages obviously have a bad effect on his mind and body, so I urgently need a useful web filter. […]

The Growing Need of Parental Internet Filter - web filter

Internet has reached to the very depths of our society and is today an intrinsic part of our lives. Right from small children to adults, internet fulfils various functions and caters to a range of passions and interests. People write blogs on the blog sites interact with people from across the world on social networking […]

Parents Need Free Web Filter to Fight Pornography - web filter

Your children are your investment for the future, which is why you’ll always wish to keep your child’s mind and body safe, healthy and prospering. Today, porn sites pose an incredible threat to your young ones. Their access has become increasingly easy and charm is as alluring as ever. To ensure that your child stays […]

Internet Filter - web filter

Cyber bullying happens pervasively among teens, but it is hard for many parents to be aware of it. So how to stop cyber-bullying is a headache for parents. Nowadays, Internet filter will facilitate parents to handle with cyber-bullying and provide their kids with a safe online environment. It is not easy to be aware of […]

Protect Marriages with Home Web Filter - web filter

It is not a new topic that many people apply home web filter to protect their marriages. And the main reason is that their relationships could be ruined by porn. A statistic shows that porn viewing or porn addiction has played an important part in the couple’s divorce. Since government seems to be unable to […]

Web Filter – Your Kid’s Internet Guard - web filter

Protecting your kids from the Internet dangers with web filter is a hot issue among parents. Web filter is widely used by parents as their kid’s Internet guard to fully guarantee children’s network security. What is a web filter or web blocker? Web filter is a kind of parental control software which blocks any websites […]

Block websites with Porn Blocker - web filter

With the rapid development of computer technology, children can apply their computers to do almost everything. However, parents apply porn blocker to protect their kids from dangers on the Internet as the Internet world is not safe now. Porn blocker automatically filters porn websites, adult websites, violent games or applications. In brief, you can block […]

Block websites With Password - web filter

Blocking websites, especially blocking porn, is a simple statement that gets overlooked by many parents. That is until they happen to look on their teen’s computer and find all kind of pornography! Rescue your kids from the online threats, it’s time for parents to utilize web filter to block webpage. First of all, PLEASE STAY […]

Discover How To Monitor And Block Your Teens’ Twitter - web filter

Twitter is an online social network that allows its users to interact by texting messages back and forth to each other’s profile. People especially teens may be more addictive once they get the hang of Tweeting, because they can get a great number of immediate responses and it seems to live somewhere between the worlds […]

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