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Parental Website Blocker – Conductor of Web Activity

Many of you may have the experience: whenever you ask your kids about something, most time your kids will reply perfunctorily, more importantly, whenever you tell them the things they shouldn’t do, they won’t follow your suggestions at all. Take the computer usage as the example, whenever you ask your kids to keep away from […] Tags: , , ,

Keep Your Family Safe with Website Block Software

Suppose your children usually surf the Internet till midnight, imagine they are keeping in close contact with their so called "online friends". What you can do to rest assured that your kids are safe with the Internet? On this occasion, you may bring parental control software to mind and feel unsure about what kind of […] Tags: , , , , ,

Benefit the Most from Mac Internet Filter

Despite the fact that Internet has become the mainstream nowadays, Mac Internet filter is associated with better control of computer usage not only in your home but also in your workplace. However, as parents or company managers, what you want the Internet filter Mac to do and how does it benefit you? In one condition, […] Tags: , , , ,

Web Content Filtering Software is Necessary in Office

It is widely acknowledged that Internet filter should be applied to the students to protect them from the porn and cyber bullying. However, Internet safety in office seldom arouses much attention. In fact, in order to guarantee a favorable workplace, safe working system and efficient working performance, Web Content Filtering Software for Mac is more […] Tags: , , , ,

Internet Filter

Cyber bullying happens pervasively among teens, but it is hard for many parents to be aware of it. So how to stop cyber-bullying is a headache for parents. Nowadays, Internet filter will facilitate parents to handle with cyber-bullying and provide their kids with a safe online environment. It is not easy to be aware of […] Tags: , , , ,

Aobo Porn Filter 3.4 Released

Mar, 17, 2011 – Aobo Software, the global award-winning company of spy and access control software, announced the release of Aobo Porn Filter 3.4, an internet filter and application filter. Aobo Porn Filter blocks porn websites, any applications, and unwanted games to keep your computer clean and safe. 1. Improved built-in blocking engine Allow users […] Tags: , , , , , ,