Web Filtering

What Can Easemon Web Filter Do? Easemon web filter makes management of Internet experience on and off the company network acceptable by providing end-users with the following specific features. Support Recording and Blocking Websites, Including HTTPS Log Search History from Search Engines and Social Media Sites Send Email Alerts When Inappropriate Activity Is Detected Create […] Tags: , , ,

Enterprise Web Filtering – The Controversies Surrounding Them

An enterprise web filtering tool is necessary to strengthen employee management and increase employee productivity in the workplace. The basis of a successful business (whether big or small) is built on the trust that lies between employees and their management. But, increasingly, there is a bone of discontent that is coming in between these two […] Tags: , , , ,

Top 2 Easiest Ways to Block Websites in Internet Explorer

In the article, you will find the top 2 easiest ways to block websites in internet explorer. The Internet is a vast web of inter-connected servers which may host inappropriate websites, porn, gambling, and drugs, for certain people, children especially. Besides, using the advanced way Hosts file to block those unwanted websites, here are two […] Tags: , , , ,