Web Filtering

What Can Easemon Web Filter Do?

Easemon web filter makes management of Internet experience on and off the company network acceptable by providing end-users with the following specific features.

  • Recording and Blocking  Websites
    Support Recording and Blocking Websites, Including HTTPS
  • Log Search History
    Log Search History from Search Engines and Social Media Sites
  • Send Email Alerts
    Send Email Alerts When Inappropriate Activity Is Detected
  • URL Whitelist
    Create URL Whitelist for Business Purpose

Web filtering becomes a necessity for a company with quality management. Easemon web filter provides a convenient way to invisibly record and control all web activities of employees during office hours.

The phenomenon that employees conduct non-work related activities with the Macs or Windows PCs, such as watching videos, playing online games, visiting inappropriate websites partially accounts for low employee productivity. Besides, employees’ behaviour of visiting inappropriate websites such as porn sites or Phishing sites may also bring unexpected threats to the company network and property safety.

How Does Easemon Web Filter Work?

How Does Easemon Web Filter Work

Why Choose Easemon Web Filter?

Easemon web filter has powerful web filtering engines, which can filter websites by preset keywords in URLs, and block all the HTTP and HTTPS websites.

Filter Sites by Preset Keywords

Filter Sites by Preset Keywords

By preset key words (eg., Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Ebay) in the URLs, the inappropriate URLs will be blocked so that employees cannot visit such sites during office hours.

Block All Websites

Block All Websites

All kinds of websites, including HTTPS, can be blocked by Easemon web filter so as to help employers efficiently manage productivity, minimize security problems and other risks.

Send Email Notifications

Send Email Notifications

When employees attempt to visit or access the blocked websites, Easemon web filter sends email notifications to alert you for every preset interval time.

As the easy-to-use, cloud-delivered administration console, Easemon web filter enables users to quickly set up and manage the acceptable use policies for company network, giving users greater control of the organization’s Internet usage.

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