Web Blocker

Banning ads with web blocker is a good way to attain an enjoyable surfing. When you get access to the Internet, you may feel annoying as there are many pop-ups and ads that appear abruptly, obstructing your online activity. However, it is also necessary and important to use web blocker to block ads websites because […] Tags: , , , ,

Safe Web Blocker for School Is Needed

When it comes to utilizing an Internet safety software for students, educators are prone to choose web blocker as educating and protecting students in a digital world can be a challenge for school. It is a daunting task for educators to safeguard students from porn and cyber bullying on the Internet, while with web blocker, educators can handle with these issues readily.

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How to Launch Parental Controls for Mac OS X Leopard

As Mac OS X Leopard user, you can launch parental controls for Mac OS X Leopard or a keylogger for Mac to prevent your little kids from accessing inappropriate content on Internet websites. The following procedures are the tips about how to launch parental controls for Mac OS X Leopard. Launch parental controls for Mac […] Tags: , , , , , ,

How do i block porn websites?

Here we discuss how to block porn websites from your computer. Questions about blocking porn sites: How do i block porn websites? How do I block porn from my computer, so I can’t see it? How can i block my computer for browsing porn sites? How to block porn on windows 7? How do you […] Tags: , , , , , ,