Top 3 Highlights of a Key Logger for Mac

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A key logger for Mac is an application which can be installed on your computer to secretly keep a record of all activities and communications transpire on your device, such as typed keystrokes, visited websites, desktop snapshots, chat conversations, composed emails and even more. However, when it comes to a key logger for Mac, what do you want it to do for you? Here you will find the 3 top highlights that you can benefit from a keylogger program.

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Use Key Logger for Mac to Track Every Keystroke Entered

Mac keylogger undoubtedly includes the feature of keystroke logging to keep track of every single word the user types on your device. As it captures keystrokes made in any web page or application, you can be aware of what your children are talking about online and whether your employees are using the company devices for working efficiency. Besides, the key logger for Mac is also capable of recording web activity on the target Mac which helps you get necessary details about how the users act in web searching. This tool is especially important for you to clarify whether your employees are browsing any non-work related websites or not during office hours. And keystrokes and websites logging is the most common highlight a Mac keystroke logger should own.

Password Recording Feature

A Mac key logger with password recording feature will do a great job in helping you find out the hidden information in your children’s social media accounts, for example, when you suspect your children being involved in cyberbullying and want to get more information about the so-called online cheaters. With recorded passwords, including the password typed in hidden characters, you are allowed to check the truth about your kids and get them out of the Internet troubles.

Capture Live Desktop Screenshots with a Keylogger for Mac

Keeping tabs on the real-time actions performed by Mac users, a key logger for Mac should indeed possess the ability to capture live desktop screenshots. The Mac keystroke logger automatically takes snapshots as the time interval you set up for it so that you can easily get a full picture of how your device is being used and what the users are doing by checking each visual image of the present activity on the screen.

If you are looking for an appropriate key logger for Mac, Aobo Mac Keylogger as multifunctional spy program is always ready for you to start monitoring and recording all the activities happening on your device. What’s more, it is also helpful when you, unfortunately, lose your Mac because the keylogger possesses the function of tracking location by recording and sending the IP address information. Apart from those mentioned above, you can enjoy a better experience with Aobo Keylogger for Mac.

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