What Features A Perfect Keylogger Must Have?

improve insider threat prevention

A perfect keylogger is a good parental control tool for parents to monitor and control children’s usage of the Internet. In the world of today, life without the internet is hard to imagine. Let alone the adults, even children find it difficult to get through the day without logging on to their Facebook account and updating their status.

Control Children’s Internet Usage with A Perfect Keylogger

Where the internet serves as a fantastic platform to educate and acquire information about different things, sometimes children can misuse it too, to access inappropriate sites out of excitement or curiosity. And what’s even worse they can also end up chatting with and making friends with strangers who could be involved in wrong activities like cyber crimes or identity theft. They can also go shopping online, charging thousands of dollars to your credit cards because they have seen their friends do it. To protect your children from internet evils, installing a perfect keylogger is a Must!

It is every parent’s responsibility to monitor their children and ensure they are surfing the web safely. They are young and unaware of the consequences of such acts, therefore it’s you who needs to take charge and draw a line between what can be viewed and what should not be viewed by your children online. You have to be aware of their online activities before your children get into deep waters.

The Must-have Features of A Perfect Keylogger

Since there are numerous keyloggers available on the market, choosing the perfect keylogger can be a difficult task. To make the task of finding the best keylogger to install on your child’s PC, here are some must-have features to look for:

Feature#1- Look for Keyword Filters

This is an essential feature of parental control software. It enables parents to allow and disallow web content on the basis of keywords. So, make sure the software you choose has this feature. Also, make sure it is intelligent and does not block URLs with terms or words that may be otherwise banned. A good example would be Middlesex. A search for this word may be considered inappropriate by some software on the market.

Feature#2- Make Sure the keylogger you Choose Hides completely

There are many keyloggers on the market that don’t hide totally. This means, if you install such software on your child’s PC, you’ll probably get busted by your child pretty soon. Kids are very smart these days; they’ll easily figure it out that you are spying on them if they see the software in any of the computer items. Therefore when you choose a keylogger to make sure it hides completely. This includes the desktop, start menu, taskbar, processes list, Control panel programs, and Msconfig startup list.

Feature#3- Find Out if It Records All Activities

Remember only a perfect keylogger records all activities performed on the computer. This includes keystrokes logging and screenshots of chats, websites visited, games played, webcam activities, emails viewed and sent and passwords.

Tip#4- Ensure the Data Recorded Is Sent to You Only

You’ll find a keylogger that uploads the recorded data to the keylogger vendor’s website. Avoid such software. When choosing a keylogger to make sure it securely sends the report of the recorded data to you by email/FTP and does not post it on the vendor’s website. Make sure your data is safe and within your control.

So, look out for these features to ensure you select and install the perfect keylogger on the market! The process may be a little time consuming but definitely worth it!

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