Using Content Filter in the Workplace

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A good content filter is useful when content from various websites comes in different forms. You never know when something inappropriate will pop out the screen. Without proper monitoring and control, certain materials from the internet pose security risks to the office system. Also, interesting content may become a distraction for workers who should be spending valuable time productively. Read on and see why using a content filter in the workplace is essential.

What Does a Content Filter Do?

Content filtering is the monitoring and controlling of content that can be accessed by an end-user. It is usually used for filtering websites that may contain inappropriate and sensitive material. Content is filtered through a filtering software program that can automatically limit viewing or complete access to and availability of an entire website or certain text, images and videos. It is often used by companies to ensure system security and to discourage unproductive time use of employees. Filter tools are available as a separate package, but it can also come as part of a system control tool.

Why Do You Need a Content Filter?

A content filter plays a great role in employee monitoring and parental control.

Employee Monitoring

There are various reasons why companies should be using content filtering in the workplace. First, employers can use content filters to secure their resources. Some employees might use the internet connection at the workplace to access and download a large amount of data. Moreover, this downloaded content can contain anything, sensitive material, pirated media or other illegal content.

Another reason is to boost work productivity by limiting access to unproductive sites that distract workers from doing their job. System control software tools can track and record websites, even those used in private windows, and create reports on triggered keywords. Some tools also allow personalizing content availability depending on the type of end-user, administrators, employees or customers.

Parental Control

A content filter tool can also be useful for parents who want to censor which sites and materials are available for their children. Putting up a software program helps protect children from inappropriate and dangerous sites even when children are not supervised.

How Does Content Filter Work?

How is content filtered? By installing a piece of content filtering software, you get to use features that will help you control content in the system. For instance, these features will be useful when you install a useful system management software program like EaseMon:

  • Record composed emails and see inappropriate exchanges in communication
  • Record websites visited in Safari, Chrome or FireFox and track websites browsed in Incognito or Private Browsing Mode
  • Block inappropriate websites which may contain porn, adult content, violence, gaming, gambling
  • Show how long an application has been used by workers and which applications are being abused or used unproductively
  • Every time a keyword is triggered and used in emails or browser search, a screenshot is taken
  • View logs online anywhere and export or print them as evidence

EaseMon also offers an undetectable and invisible tracking system that can still filter content effectively. However, this form of tracking and monitoring may cause privacy issues with employees. It is often safer and more appropriate to inform workers of the limitations of their browsing privacy in the workplace. If you want to get a more secure and productive workplace, check out EaseMon monitoring software.

As the best tool for maintaining a clean and secure online environment, EaseMon content filter blocks inappropriate HTTP and HTTPS websites by setting keywords in URLs. Besides, EaseMon lets you know everything conducted on Mac computers remotely and secretly.

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