What’s Remote Desktop Spy

Remote desktop spy is a kind of computer surveillance program which gives pc users the ability to get into as well as monitor their PC from another computer that is in a different place. Controlling the remote pc via remote desktop spy, people will be capable of knowing every action happened on the computer. This involves all of what keystrokes are entered, what programs are used, which documents are transformed, and what resources are usually stored in the computer that is accessible with remote desktop spy software.

How to Utilize Remote Desktop Spy?

In this part, you will understand the uses of remote destop spysoftware on diffrent situations.

Monitor Remote Computer at Home

With remote desktop spy set up, parents can connect to kid’s computer from their own computers. Then they are able to access to kids’ computer as though they were in front of the PC. Remote desktop spy can be an ideal way for parents to monitor their kids’ online activity.

Restrict Remote Computer at School

Teachers realize that students may abuse the Internet resource at school, such as unallowed downloading, watching porn, and distributing improper information. There would be a big alteration by restricting and monitoring remote computers with remote desktop spy. Remote desktop spy restricts student to access some certain websites and applications. What’s much more, regardless of how savvy the students are, they will not have the ability to remove remote desktop spy.

Track Remote Computer in Office

Employees may waste time visiting social networking websites, playing online web games or communicating with friends via office computers. Remote desktop spy monitors basically everything that happens on office computers. Remote desktop spy is also a warning to employee that they are being monitored. You will surely get a boost in employee efficiency and productivity with remote desktop spy.

EaseMon Remote Desktop Spy

EaseMon remote desktop spy software can be used to monitor Mac and PC computers remotely in a stealth mode. The various key features of EaseMon can be used to realize the usages mentioned above.

  • Record composed emails
  • Log typed messages, accounts, and passwords
  • Log both sides of messages in Skype, AIM, Adium and iMessage
  • Record websites visited in Safari/Chrome/FireFox
  • Track websites visited in Private browsing mode or Incognito Mode
  • Calculate how long an Application has been used
  • Correlate application logs with captured screenshots
  • App report by user to detect who are wasting work time
  • Take a screenshot when a keyword is triggered
  • Play the captured screenshots as a slideshow
  • Multiple notifications based on Alert categories
  • Send out notification emails periodically
  • View logs online anywhere
  • Export/Print logs as archive or evidence
  • Remotely update or uninstall EaseMon Client
  • Remotely Log Out, Restart, Shut Down the target Mac
  • Stay invisible and undetectable
  • Monitor both Local and Network Users

All in all, remote desktop spy applies to multiple functions like parental control, school resource restriction, company supervision and so on. Select the remote spy software that meets your requirement and make the best use of your computer.

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