What is keylogger?

A Keylogger (also called keystroke logger) is a program or device that logs the keystrokes you type. In terms of this function, it is called keystroke logger as well. Apart from this feature, it has many other powerful features, such as, taking screenshots, recording websites and sending logs, and so on.

There are two kinds of keyloggers, namely, hardware keylogger and software keylogger. When we talk about keylogger, we usually mean the latter one. However, there are still some differences among the software keyloggers. For instance, some software keyloggers are standalone applications that need people in person to configure them to computers, and some of them even ask the admin password when installed. While some other software keyloggers are attached to other applications, and they can be installed secretly and automatically with installation of those other applications. In this situation, the personal online information is unsafe due to most of them is spyware.

Nowadays, since software keyloggers ranging from computers to mobiles are becoming increasingly powerful, most of them are used to protect kids online, monitor employees activities, and break cheating spouse’s lies. If you want to reach one of these three goals mentioned before, theAobo Mac Keylogger for Mac OS X must be your best choice.

Before purchase online, you should pour attention to the details provided by keylogger vendors. Because many online keylogger providers don’t supply the keyloggers having the same features as they described. Asking for extra fee to continue using or update is a typical case in point. So be careful when you purchase a keylogger online.

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