Is It Legal to Monitor Employees?

“Is it illegal for me to monitor my staff’s activity during the work time with a keylogger?” In the UK, this is a question firstly asked by business owners and managers when they consult the lawyer about the labor law about using the monitoring keylogger software. These days, because of the financial crisis, more and more employers are using employee monitoring keylogger software to […] Tags: , , , , , , , ,

Is It Legal to Monitor Employees in the Workplace? 301

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Does Mac Get Keylogger Spy Ware

Does Mac really get keylogger spy software? Many of the Mac users may have the same question when they are using their Mac devices. Here we are making a discussion and give an exact response about this question. We are sure that there is keylogger spy software for Macintosh on the Internet. So the Mac […] Tags: , , ,