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Free Invisible Keylogger – Why You Should REALLY Be Afraid

Today, you are being threatened by more enemies than at any time in man’s history. If you’re thinking about adding a couple more bolts to your front door or adding bars on your window, don’t bother, those aren’t the kind of threats that we are talking about. The point of entry of your enemies is […] Tags: , , , ,

Where to Download a Good Remote Keylogger

A good remote keylogger enables you to: Log keystrokes and passwords Log URLs of visited websites Log files downloaded online Spy on computer undetectably Log application usage activity Capture screenshots periodically Restrict web and program usage Remotely view logs by email/FTP What is a remote keylogger? Generally speaking, a remote keylogger refers to software-based keylogger. […] Tags: , , , , , , ,

Stealth Keylogger Freeware

What’s Stealth Keylogger Freeware Stealth Keylogger Freeware is an invisible, easy-to-use surveillance tool, which is designed to monitor and record all activities happened on a windows computer wherever you are. The most attractive point for a Stealth Keylogger Freeware is that it’s FREE of charge. Micro Stealth Keylogger Freeware provides you with 5-day free trial. […] Tags: , , , ,

Get Micro Keylogger Free Version

In order to thank Micro Keylogger users around the world for all their support and recognition, we are now offering Micro Keylogger Free Version(Free of charge for ONE year) to all of you. Any suggestions about Micro Keylogger are welcomed. For Blogger or Internet Columnist: If you are a technical/software blogger, journalist or Internet columnist, […] Tags: , , , , ,

Micro Keylogger – Free Keylogger – Invisible Keystroke logger Free

Free Keylogger is an invisible free keystroke logger. Micro Keylogger – Free Keylogger is designed for covert surveillance and PC activity monitoring, which works correctly on windows 7/Vista/XP. With Micro Keylogger – Free Keylogger you will know what other users are doing on a computer and track their Internet usage. Micro Keylogger – Free Keylogger […] Tags: , , , , , , ,

Tips On Choosing Keylogger – Freeware or Shareware

Many people are asking if there is freeware keylogger available. The answer is positively and there are abundant free keylogger in the Internet. People likely to be attracted to the word “FREE” . Beyond doubt, most of the people will select free keylogger for the sake of saving money while the commercial keylogger costs a […] Tags: , , , , , ,

Keylogger Freeware VS. Shareware

Keylogger Freeware VS. Shareware, which one would you choose if you want to keep an eye on your children’s online activities or monitor employee’s computer activities? People are always asking if there is free keylogger available. Of course there are abundant free keyloggers in the web market. Beyond doubt, lots of people will select keylogger […] Tags: , , , ,