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Best Internet Protection to Keep Your Kids Safe Online

The Aobo filter for Mac is the best Internet protection that you can use to keep children away from bad neighborhoods online. The Internet is a gateway to a treasure trove of information. With the simple click of mouse or tap of a button, you can learn just about anything, interact with other people, do […] Tags: , ,

How and Why of Temporary Website Blocker

Internet today is full of undesirable porn content. As children of today have easy access to Mac, it is the responsibility of parents to ensure that they do not have access to compromising content. Many filters are available today that allow for temporary or permanent blocking of websites. Some internet users prefer using the temporary […] Tags: , , ,

Tips for Using Internet Block Software to Protect Kids

Children of all ages are now spending more time on the internet rather than hang out with their friends or indulge in an outdoor activity. Now the internet definitely has its benefits, but it may also damage your child through spam emails, advertisements, pornographic websites, internet chat portals and other online dangers. Therefore, if you […] Tags: , , , ,

Take Advantage of Internet Web Filtering

The internet is the most common platform of communication as well as entertainment. Most of us spend our maximum hours in front of our Mac or computer systems. While browsing various websites we come in contact with lots of unwanted websites. Sometimes these websites contain lots of viruses, but what to do? We don’t have […] Tags: , , , ,

Aobo Filter for Mac v2.1 Released

Aobo Filter for Mac v2.1, an update of the Internet Filter for Mac, was released on August 09, 2013. This new version is aimed to offer Mac OS X users a more stable web filtering experience. What’s new in Aobo Filter for Mac v2.1? 1. Improved Filter Engine to fix crash issue 2. Added webpage […] Tags: , , , ,

Safe Filter for Mac Is Needed in Schools

When it comes to utilizing a piece of safe Internet software for students, Filter for Mac is a nice choice for educators to educate and protect students in a digital world. It is a daunting task for educators to safeguard students from porn and cyber bullying on the Internet, while with Filter for Mac, educators […] Tags: , , ,

Block Distracting Websites on Mac

If you’re easily distracted while working before your Mac, you can force a little more concentration on your tasks with Aobo Filter for Mac that minimizes distractions and offers feedback on your productivity. One of disturbing problems existing in those who work on Mac is how easily it is to get distracted. Too much information […] Tags: , ,

Block Programs on Mac

Mac Parental Controls and Aobo Filter for Mac OS X are adept in blocking programs, games, instant messengers and other unwanted applications from running. The Mac’s Parental Controls feature is a method of controlling the applications and content a specific user may use or view. Block Applications with Parental Controls Login to your admin account […] Tags: , ,

Block Web Sites in Safari

Safari is a web browser developed by Apple. It is a default web browser for Mac OS X. Mac users get used to using Safari to browse the Internet. With the increasing number of problems when people surf the Internet, people focus more on the online security. The main concern nowadays is how to block […] Tags: , , ,

Aobo Mac OS Parental Suite-Save You $20!

Aobo Mac OS X Parental Suite consists of two powerful control tools: Aobo Mac Keylogger Professional Version and Aobo Internet Filter for Mac, which is a new product service provided by Aobo software. Aobo Mac Keylogger, a famous monitoring Keylogger for Mac, tells you clearly what happened to the targeted Mac. That’s because it can […] Tags: , , , , , ,