Legal Ways of Monitoring Employees and Preventing Internal Fraud

There are many extreme stories about monitoring employees and preventing internal fraud that are popular among people. For instance, an organization turned in their employee to the police for performing some suspicious activities on the company computer, or an employer installed tracking equipment in the car of an employee as they suspected that the employee might be moonlighting with a second job. Such news keeps on publishing over newspapers and the web too. All these incidents made every employer worry and keep check on their employee activities. Employers are using some sort of electronic equipment to spy on employee online activity. It has been found that such monitoring prevented internal fraud and increased revenues. This is quite amazing, isn’t it!

Legitimate Methods of Preventing Internal Fraud

Rebellion in application development has resulted in the introduction of several monitoring software programs that help employers to protect company secrets. These apps are specifically developed for spying on employees or staff and tracking all their activities on the company’s computer. Legal issues have always been associated when it comes to spying, but here are a few ways through which an employer can legally track the online activities of their employees so as to prevent internal fraud.

Monitoring Internet Usage

If you find your worker searching "how to hack computer systems", then it is a signal that there may be something wrong with this person. A few search terms or phrases simply make a spy application active and send you a notification. Monitoring software for office computers works in this way only. This is known as keystroke logging. Now, whatever your employees are doing over the web, the sites they are visiting and time they are spending on such stuff will be recorded and sent to you through email. Whosoever is violating company Internet usage policy, the employer will possess the right to keep check on such employees using internal fraud prevention services in the form of spy apps.

Reporting Inappropriate Activities

If your employees are using company’s resources for sales and marketing, then being an employer, you have legal authority to check where they are going. Time has gone when you have to examine employees’ computer activities one by one. Just with an all-in-one employee monitoring solution and it will give you all related details and report the inappropriate activities. No more excuses, no more checking. You can easily find out whether they are making more customers for the company or for themselves. This is important to prevent internal fraud.

Email Monitoring

Every company has a written policy and it is also included in employment agreements that the company can monitor employee emails. This not only includes employee’s work emails, but also contains all personal emails that they have sent through the company’s computers. A spy software solution enables you to track all the emails sent and received, time and date logs of each and every email of your employees. This can help you check if there is something wrong going internally. A spy app for desktops and laptops is the finest way through which you can protect company’s secrets online.

Social Media Activities

Employees mostly spend their time over social media, which is more of an addiction nowadays. It has been found that spending too much time on social media has resulted in decreased productivity in several companies. You can prevent yourself from facing such a situation. Track what your folks are doing over the web, check out their browsing history, time spend on social media, the persons they are talking to with some reliable spy software. Spy app will give you all the records in detail.

EaseMon is such one piece of employee monitoring software which invisibly monitors instant messages, logs keystrokes, emails, websites visited, screenshots captured, applications usage, etc. This application is the faster or more accurate way to monitor employee activities online and prevent internal fraud. For those employers who still have questions in their mind how to prevent internal fraud in the company, they must try this app and will surely get answers to all their questions regarding company security.

Spying software for office computers like EaseMon Employee Monitor for Mac helps employers to protect company secrets and prevent internal fraud. These apps are specifically developed for spying on employees or staff and track their all activities on the company’s computer.

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