Aobo Web Filter

Aobo Web Filter is a easy to use web filtering which can filter porn web sites automatically and block certain web sites by URL or Keywords. As a web content filtering tool, it is the only one that has the ability to block porn web sites even they are behind web proxies. Web filtering software, known as censor ware or content filtering software, is designed to filter the improper web sites and control what content is permitted, which is especially used by parents to control their kids’ computer uses, individuals to abstain from net-addiction, employers to block time-wasting web sites of employees’ computers. Aobo Web Filter is the advanced web filters that blocking web sites with unique “content filtering algorithm” and URL filtering technology. Aobo Web Filter Key Features:
  • Filter unwanted web sites by URLs or keywords
  • Filter porn web sites automatically
  • Filter visiting Unwanted web sites with web proxies
  • Filter Unwanted games, applications
  • Record web site visits
  • Work with all popular web browsers
  • Run in stealth and undetectable mode
  • Password protection
The extremely ingenious web filtering software blocks all the pornographic web sites automatically before their loading. With the advanced algorithm and website blocking technology, you can completely rely on Aobo Web Filter to block any web sites. Aobo Web Filter gives you full protection with password so that no one can bypass the block even with web proxies or change the settings.. With the password, you are the only person who can stop the Aobo Web Filter. With the “Blacklist” and “Whitelist”, Aobo Web Filter brings you flexible filtering options. What’s more, Aobo Web Filter works in stealth mode, so the users can’t perceive the web sites being blocked. The application filtering feature makes Aobo Web Filter distinguished from the other web filters in the market. You can block unwanted games or applications from running on your computer. Besides, it records the web sites opened in most of the browsers, such as IE/Firefox/Google Chrome.

What you can do with Aobo Web Filter

Protect your kids from pornography, drugs, gambling and any risky web sites. The Internet opened up all the resources, news, entertainment, technology and pornography, drugs, gambling to your innocent, curious children. As parents, it’s vital to lead them to the right way on using the Internet. By blocking the risky keywords in URLs and web site contents, Aobo Web Filter provides a solution for parents in the Internet control to protect their children. Aid people in Net-addiction recovery. Maybe someone in your family is addict to porn, net games, online shopping. Especially, porn addiction is a real phenomena among teens and adults. They get out control themselves and become addictive. Teens compulsively play games and ignore their study; Husband’s porn habit becomes a obsession beyond discipline that burns up a marriage; The girl you love is addict to shopping online at E bay or cyber stores, who is both moneyed and psychological exhausting . By blocking the keywords in URLs and contents of the addictive web sites, Aobo Web Filter could be a good assistant to help them pull through. Stop your employees from wasting time on social network web sites. Employees mess around on visiting YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace during working hours. They wastes time on watching YouTube videos, updating Facebook activities, following stars’ Twitter. This would be a huge squander of company Internet resources. Fortunately, with Aobo Web Filter, it’s possible for you to control the web sites visiting and provide a positive, safe working Internet environment for your team.

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