Top Rated Website Watcher (WebWatcher) for Mac

Aobo keylogger for Mac is the top-rated website watcher for Mac (WebWatcher) widely used by parents and employers who want to monitor every activity happening on Mac of children or employees. Website Watcher can also be called WebWatcher in short in the article. Why is website watcher (WebWatcher) for Mac widely used to spy on […] Tags: , , , , ,

The Best Realtime Spy Program for Mac

As the most popular realtime spy program for Mac, Aobo keylogger is widely used by many parents or employers to monitor the Mac activities of children or employees. The amazing realtime spy program for Mac logs almost everything on the target Mac, such as keystrokes entered, websites visited, screenshots, social chats and many other activities. […] Tags: , , , , ,

Why You Must Install Mac Keyboard Logger for Mac OS X

Aobo Mac keyboard logger for Mac OS X works in a secrecy mode and records everything on Mac like keystrokes, user names & passwords, Internet activities, instant messages, Email content, social networks, and Desktop Snapshots. Simply set up this Mac keyboard logger and wait for the logs sent to your email! What Does Aobo Mac […] Tags: , , , , ,

Top Features of OS X Yosemite Spy Software

You may need to know OS X Yosemite spy software if you want to know your children better. Are you a full-time working adult? Are you a single parent of a rebellious teenager? If yes, then it would be quite hard for you to stay focused at work because most of the time you’d probably […] Tags: , , , ,

Monitor Kids on Mac with Mac Password Keylogger

A recent study reveals that parents are stepping up their monitoring efforts to better manage their teens’ online behavior. It is one of the major reasons that the computer brings too many temptations to kids’ lives, so parents should pay more attention to their children’s safety on the computer. However, there is a big problem […] Tags: , , , ,

Web Monitoring App for Mac Safeguards Kids on Social Networking

Web Monitoring App for Mac will be applied widely in the social network by parents to monitor their children’s activities on Mac and ensure their online safety. Children can learn a lot by surfing social networking sites and enjoy themselves. However, the social networking sites are also dangerous for the kids in some sides, which […] Tags: , , , ,

Invisible Mac Keylogger for Secret Mac Monitoring

An invisible Mac keylogger can help you achieve the goal of invisible Mac monitoring. Monitoring a Mac computer publicly may be within your ability, but how to realize invisible monitoring is a problem. While referring to secretly spy a Mac, you may need the help from Aobo Keylogger for Mac to adopt the invisible Mac […] Tags: , , , ,

Can I Send a Mac Keylogger with Email?

Can I send and install a Mac Keylogger through email? Some users want to spy on the Mac computer they own but currently don’t have direct access, so they come up with the idea of sending a Mac Keylogger to the target Mac via Email, so that it could attach the keylogger to the Mac, […] Tags: , , , ,

How to Monitor Websites Visited on Mac

You can monitor websites visited on Mac that your children or employees usually browse with Easemon Mac Keylogger. The Mac Keylogger monitors and records websites visited with Safari, Firefox, and Chrome on Mac OS X computers. The Reason for Monitoring Websites Visited on Mac Are you concerned that your children are browsing some bad websites […] Tags: , , , ,

Powerful Parental Control with a Keylogger for Mac 301

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