Monitor Employee Activities with Mac Keyboard Recorder

According to a great quantity of authoritative surveys, 76.8% employees of large-scale enterprise require network access to make full use of key applications, main services, company data, competitive marketing, public finance or customer support etc. Since commercial activity tends to be heavily reliant on technology and Internet, being unaware of employee online activity and computer usage will not only lead to big losses for enterprise or company but also seriously influence customer satisfaction.

As the owner or manager of a company, to avoid these immediate consequences, you can take advantage of Mac keyboard recorder to monitor the Mac usage in real-time, then you will easily get answers to the questions whether your employees spend too much time searching unrelated websites which have nothing to do with the work process and if they are trying to send important business data to your competitors. We recommend Amac Keylogger for Mac and Easemon for Mac as start.

When using the Mac keyboard recorder to keep track of working computers, one of the most necessary performances is to easily record both employees’ online activities and the computer usage. At the same time, to guarantee high-quality operating efficiency with a high level of the service, a professional keystroke recorder is badly needed for companies and enterprises. Amac keylogger is designed to collect clear information about employees’ computer activity by logging all keystrokes typed, websites visited, password entered, chat conversations and also periodic screenshots. Which simply means, the Mac keystroke recorder helps you solve the problem of employee monitoring so as to keep control of the online activity and get straightforward statements about the network usage.

Knowing what online activities the Mac keyboard recorder can log on the employees’ computers, you may be concerned about how to remotely check and view the logs recorded by the keylogger for Mac. It is quite simple with this powerful keyboard logger because it automatically sends the logged information to your email or FTP server as the time interval you set up for the Mac keylogger. With an Internet connection, you can log in with configured email or FTP account to see everything your employee is typing on the computer regardless of time and place. It is quicker and more convenient for you to monitor employee online activities and Mac usage with detailed logs of what is happening on office computers.

No need to worry about that your employees will feel uncomfortable with the Mac keyboard recorder when you put it into use. Actually, this keystroke recorder works invisibly in the background of the computer that allows you to record employee online activities absolutely in hidden mode so as to get better control of network usage in your company. And that is to say the undetectable keylogger is very difficult or impossible to be found by your employees.

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