How to Launch Parental Controls for Mac OS X 10.5

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For Mac OS X Leopard users, you can use parental controls (also can use Mac keylogger for Mac OS X) to help prevent your little kids from accessing inappropriate content on Internet websites. The followings are tips about how to lunch parental controls for Mac OS X Leopard.

1. Click the icon of System Preferences in the Dock, or select System Preferences from the Apple menu.

2. In the System section of System Preferences, click the Parental Controls icon. The Parental controls window will open.

3. Click the lock icon in the left-hand corner of the bottom. You will need to provide an administrator user name and password before you can continue. Enter the administrator name and passwords. Then, click OK.

4. Select a user account that you would like to enable blocker for in the left pane.

5. After selecting an account, you will see several options for controlling at the top of the window, including System, Content, Mail&ichat, Time Limits and Logs. You can use these parental control options just as you like.

For example, if you want to block a certain web page, click the Content option, chose the second mode( Try to limit access to adult websites automatically) in Website Restrictions section, click Customize. Add the address of the web page to the blacklist(Never allow these sites). Then, your kids can never access this web page any more.

If you want to track which sites your kids have viewed, just click the Logs option.

The above is easy to get around. You can also use a third party software to monitor your kids’ online activities, say Aobo keylogger for Mac OS X. Aobo Mac OS X Keylogger is a powerful Mac keylogger on the market with remote monitoring support. It supports stealth keystroke recording, captures screenshots and can send the logs by email or FTP in a real time. It is necessary if you want to keep a safe eye on your kids online.

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