Track Your Lost Mac with Mac Keylogger

Have you ever lost your Mac? Or have your friends ever lost their Mac? Do you or they get back the missing computer? I guess the answer is no. How to avoid this kind of annoying thing happening again? Here comes the answer: install the Aobo Mac Keylogger onto your Mac now and let it log IP address of your Mac and send the location information to your email for you to easily track your lost Mac!

Since the laptops are small and convenient to carry, they tend to be businessmen’s best office tools. However, it is these advantages that make them become the ideal targets of thieves. And they are always left unattended in public places such as a coffee house, which creates a good opportunity for thieves to steal. For businessmen, the laptop is extremely important, without it they will have some difficulties in working, because they have stored much crucial information of their clients in it. It must be their nightmare to lose the laptop.

No matter how hard they try to keep an eye on it, they can hardly prevent it from happening. Now I highly recommend a software named Mac Keylogger, which has the function to log IP address of Mac. So with the keylogger for Mac you can track your Mac location at any time, even it is lost. Then how does it work? Every computer has an IP address (Internet Protocol address) as long as it is connected to the Internet. When you get online, your computer will be assigned an IP address. That is to say, when your stolen laptop is connected to the Internet, the Mac Keylogger will log the address and sent it to you, so you will exactly know where it is through the IP address. Then you can offer this information to the police to get back your lost Mac.

For Mac users, this is really a good news. Tracking the lost Mac is actually pretty straightforward. Using a Mac Keylogger, you will get back your lost Mac easily.

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