Care For Your Children Online With Micro Keylogger - Online safety

As parents, we definitely know the Internet can be an extremely valuable tool for children, just as it can be for anyone else. However, the virtual world is not a safe place for our children to be roaming around unchecked and many parents have learned the hard way after letting their children have unrestricted and […]

Parenting Tips To Create Kids An Safe Online Enviroment - Online safety

Kids today are growing up with internet opened, they are being to approach the net and show curiousness to Internet at a young age. The Internet is an Information Superhighway, but it’s also the porn and predator parkway. Unfortunately, it makes kids vulnerable to porn, phishing scams, cyberbullying, and Internet predators. As parents, you need […]

Parents Are Responsible for Kids Online Safety - Online safety

The kids today are more and more relying on the Internet. No matter where they are, they are finding a way to get access to the web. According to the study from CIC, high school kids are more like surf the Internet than the middle school students. What’s more, it exposes the kids to online […]

Mac Parental Control Ensures Kids Online Safety - Online safety

Due to a great increasing number of adolescents get lost in the Internet, parents pour more attention into their kids’ online safety than before. These two pieces of powerful parental control software: Aobo Mac Spy Software and Aobo Internet Filter for Mac, can ensure kids’ online safety. No matter at home or in school, an […]

Parental Control Software Puts Your Mind At Ease - Online safety

The Internet is a wild, wild place. It has plenty of advantages for sure but it also has its fair share of disadvantages, traps and scams. It is hardly an ideal place to let kids roam around unwatched. They can learn a lot from the Internet these days. The nature of what they learn is […]