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SoftActivity Keylogger is the computer monitoring software which runs invisibly and records what your employees, children or other users do on the computer. Easemon keylogger for PC is the best and most reliable SoftActivity Keylogger.

What Is SoftActivity Keylogger?

SoftActivity Keylogger is the computer spy software that invisibly creates a log file to track everything: the websites visited, keystrokes typed, emails, chats and all programs used and work duration in every application, not to mention the screenshots saving function, like in a video surveillance camera. Captured snapshots can be browsed later as a slide show.

The log file can be emailed to you silently. Get various useful and efficient reports on computer usage in the log viewer. Have Internet, email and any application usage statistics. Our powerful keylogger lets you know how your PC is used while you are away.

If you are inclined to know the powerful computer monitoring software, and then you can take Easemon Keylogger into consideration.

Easemon Keylogger is a piece of computer monitoring software that runs in the background and secretly records URLs visited in the browser, keystrokes in any program, chat conversations at your side and so on.

It works invisibly so people continue doing what they normally do on the monitored PC. Meanwhile, it can even capture screenshots of the desktop at a preset interval. All recorded information can be stored. The logs can be delivered to your email address or FTP space directly.

What’s more, it has the websites blocking function that it can block all the undesirable websites from appearing on the monitored PC.

What Can Easemon SoftActivity Keylogger Do for You?

Ensure Children’s Virtual Activity

The PC monitoring software ensures that you have the control of your child online activity. The completely invisible and hardly traceable key logger module and keystroke recorder will tell you when, how and what they did on the Internet.

Supervise Employees’ PC Activity

The computer monitoring software can help you supervise your employees’ PC activity. You are able to figure out whether your employees are wasting the company’s resource on things unrelated to their current work or whether they intend to reveal the company’s secrets to others.

Monitor Kid’s PC Behavior

Easemon Keylogger allows you to control your kids’ PC behavior. In accordance with the online behavior on your kids’ PC, you can easily discover whether your kids are cheating on you or not.

Main Features of Easemon Keylogger for PC

Work secretly and silently

EasemonSoftActivity Keylogger runs invisibly and automatically and can’t be discovered by the monitored user. Your monitoring behavior is less likely to attract the user’s attention.

It has the password protection that you can set a complex password for the best protection. The configuration cannot be changed without knowing the correct password.

Log Everything on the Monitored PC

The keystroke and the password typed on the keyboard can be captured by Easemon Keylogger silently and secretly.

The texts copied or cut to the clipboard will be recorded clearly.

The computer monitoring software can keep track of the IM chat conversation and the accurate time stamp at your side.

It allows you to check the website visited, the accurate date and time on IE/Firefox/Google Chrome.

It has the screenshots capturing function that you are able to check the reports with the vivid visualized pictures.

Block Unwanted Websites and Applications

The undesirable websites, including the porn websites, can be blocked as long as you add the keywords or the URLs to the filter list. The PC monitoring software can stop all the unwanted applications and games from running effectively.

Deliver Logs via Email/FTP and Remote Control

The logs can be delivered through email or FTP directly whenever you have configured it in advance. You are able to check the logs via your email address or FTP space whenever the internet connection is available.

It enables you to remotely turn on or turn off its monitoring status by the remote control portal.

As the best SoftActivity Keylogger, Easemon keylogger for PC enables you to track everything on your own computer. With this tool, you can make sure that the kids don’t perform inappropriate online and the employees don’t waste time doing non-work related activities in the working hours.

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