Reviews and Tips About Parental Control for Your Kids

Parental control software provides parents with automated tools to help protect their children and set restrictions while using computers and Internet. These controls may include:   monitoring your kids’ computer use, controlling the content, or limiting the amount of time they can use their device.

First popular type of parental control is about recording. Most of time they are called spy software or keylogger. Many of the third-party parental controls offer a wide range of logging features starting from basics, such as keystrokes, websites to advanced features like screenshots capturing, online chats recording, and Email sending and FTP uploading. Nowadays, there are not only PC spy software, but also Mac and mobile spy software. Aobo Mac Keylogger is the very cool Mac keylogger.

Web filter is the another type of widespread parental controls to limit access to Internet content, especilally porn content. Aobo porn filter allows you to set a schedule during what URL or website Internet access is allowed or  blocked. It supports website blocking according to the pre-compiled website ratings in their database. This is useful, because you can’ t possibly enter all the unwanted websites by hand. They may also allow restrictions on gaming playing and applications. What Aobo superior to ordinary ones is that it can record the website visited, so that you can get to know your kid’ s online interests.

Here are some additional advice about parental control: 1, Install your home computer in the living room, where you can walk by from time to time. Try not to make your teenager feel like you are monitoring him / her though. 2, Make sure they understand not to send their name or address over the internet to someone they have never seen in real life. 3, Try to show some interest in what your child is doing online. Talk about the fun stuff, so that they know what is  OK to talk about.

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