Monitor Your Mac Via iPhone

If you are a business man who is busy on travels or meetings and has no enough time to monitor your kids or employees, Aobo Mac Keylogger will change your monitoring habit by a mobile phone instead of a computer. What’s the reality? You are able to remotely monitor a target by getting emails with a mobile phone. It’s simple to monitor Mac via an iPhone that by following the steps below:

1. First, you need to set an Email for the keylogger on your Mac to receive logs. Please do not forget to take a test email after your configuration.

2. Click the "Mail" tab on your iPhone, enter your email account and password, then you are able to receive logs by email.

3. Check your email box, download the log attachments from the email sent by Aobo Mac Keylogger.

4. Click to open the log files which are Zip format files. Download a Zip File Viewer app from AppStore if you can not open the file.

5. You will get several log files which are named Keystokes, Websites and some pictures for screenshots and more.

6. Now, you can check all of the logs one by one. With several clicks, you are remotely monitor a Mac via an iPhone.

In the same way, you are allowed to read logs with any Smartphones like Android once there is an Internet connection.

Note: Please do not send such a big size log by email that goes beyond the Email server supports. Otherwise, the keylogger is not able to send the logs. To avoid this, we suggest you set a Log Auto Deleting on your Aobo Mac Keylogger interface.

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