Keylogger for Mac Parental Monitoring

Guarantee Kids Online Safety

Amac Keylogger for Mac parental monitoring is the leading family computer monitoring software for Mac. The keylogger for Mac can be used for home as a parental control tool. Amac Keylogger for Mac makes you aware of what exactly your kids are doing online.

Keylogger for Mac Parental Monitoring

Protect Kids from Online Dangers with Keylogger for Mac Parental Monitoring

Internet access can give children an academic edge, help them explore their interests, and stay connected with friends and family. The Internet can also be a dangerous place and if not properly supervised. Children can be exposed to inappropriate material and even become victims of online predators. However, with proper precautions and supervision, your whole family can enjoy the benefits of the Internet.

Nowadays many children are active on the Internet. They like to post their selfies and daily status on social networking sites. Meanwhile, online predators use social networking sites to learn about children’s interests, befriend children, and lure children into offline meetings. Also, online predators may require children to send nude photos of themselves and furthermore threaten children. Therefore, it’s necessary for parents to monitor children’s online behaviors and chats with strangers.

The challenge for parents is to monitor how their children use the Internet and protect them from online dangers. Amac Keylogger for Mac parental monitoring can help.

How Does Amac Keylogger for Mac Parental Monitoring Help?

Amac Keylogger for Mac parental monitoring works stealthily, silently and smoothly. It secretly records users’ activities on your Mac, such as Passwords, instant messages (Skype, AIM, iChat, Adium and Yahoo Messenger), keystrokes, screenshots, websites history and so on. Sending detailed reports to your Email box enables you to check logs at remote locations whenever you are free. FTP uploading is also available for advanced Mac OS X users.

1. Logs Text Typed

Everything your kids typed online and offline will be saved. Amac Keylogger for Mac logs text typed in applications and websites. Find out everything your kids are doing on the Mac. This includes finding out your kids’ passwords typed on the Mac!

2. Records Chats

Do your kids use instant messengers? Amac Keylogger for Mac parental monitoring program gets chat conversations from Skype, AIM, iChat, Adium and MSN. The detailed information, such as message senders, applications and date and time will also be logged.

3. Logs Websites Visited

Amac Keylogger for Mac keeps a complete list of all web sites visited in Safari, Firefox, and Chrome with website URLs, applications, times and dates. Parents can check the websites by simple one clicking while the Mac is Internet-connected.

4. Takes Screenshots

Amac Keylogger for Mac will capture the whole desktop screen and save it for later viewing by the parent. Parents who use Amac Keylogger for Mac parental monitoring can decide the taking period and the quality of the screenshots. This works for both connected and disconnected Macs.

5. Views Logs Remotely

Parents can use Amac Keylogger for Mac to view the logs remotely by logging into the cloud panel or receiving logs by Email. So long as parents have a device connected to the network, they can view the activities which happen on the target Mac computer easily.

Amac Keylogger for Mac parental monitoring is a good tool to protect kids from possible dangers online. Parents can use the powerful monitoring functions in this keylogger to monitor children’s activities and detect dangers in advance. If anything wrong is detected, parents can take action at once to prevent the occurrence of dangers. Click on the button below to sign up for a trial version of Mac parental monitoring keylogger now!

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