How to Key Log a Mac

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Very accidentally, I came across a question in Yahoo! Answers, asking about whether it is possible to key log a Mac. The answer is definitely yes. Macs are not virus proof, logger proof or anything else. Now that there are keyloggers working on windows, there will be keyloggers working on a Mac. The keylogger working on a Mac is so-called keylogger for Mac.

In what circumstances do you need to key log a Mac? The most common use of key logging a Mac is to spy on your children in stealth. “I wish to put a keylogger on my MacBook so I can monitor my children’s use and make sure they are not getting up to or talking to people they should not be.” Jacob, a father of 14 year old boy, said.

Employee monitoring is another common use of key logging a Mac. “I have around 12 workers using Mac OS and I want to monitor them in order to check what they are working on while I’m not around.” Most of businessmen are prefer to use keylogger for Mac to monitor their works so as to increase their productivity.

How to key log a Mac? There are several ways to key log a Mac. The most frequent way is to use a keylogger for Mac. Simply by downloading a keylogger for Mac onto the Macintosh machine that you would like to spy on, all the Mac computer activities will be presented before you even if you are not around the Mac.

However, using a keylogger virus to key log a Mac is illegal, so we strongly recommend you to use a commercial keylogger for Mac for legal purpose, such as Aobo keylogger for Mac. Aobo keylogger for Mac is so far the best keylogger for Mac. You can setup this keylogger software according to your own requirements.

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