Tips for Using Internet Block Software to Protect Kids

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The Internet block software is necessary as children of all ages are now spending more time on the internet rather than hang out with their friends or indulge in an outdoor activity. Now the internet definitely has its benefits, but it may also damage your child through spam emails, advertisements, pornographic websites, internet chat portals, and other online dangers. Therefore, if you are a concerned parent and want to save your child from the dangers lurking around in the virtual world, you need internet block software like the Easemon Filter for Mac.

How Does Internet Block Software Work?

This Internet block software is useful for automatically filtering and blacklisting pornographic websites before they load in the browser. In addition, it can block certain game applications if you deem them too violent or pornographic in nature. These aside, you will be able to keep tabs on what your children browse even if they’re using Private Browsing or Incognito mode. Therefore, you will be able to easily track what they visit and add it to the software’s list if you deem it unsuitable for your children.

If you’re sold to the idea of installing this software, here are some tips that will help you maximize the benefits you can get by having the Easemon Filter for Mac running on your system.

Benefits of Internet Block Software for Parents

For Parents of Elementary School Children

Your needs as the parent of children who haven’t reached their teens are different. So, here are some tips you need to implement to complement the work of the Easemon Filter.

Instead of letting your child browse on their own, you should assist your children in finding some really constructive and productive websites which they can use for information. This will help them avoid heading to websites you don’t want them to discover.

Don’t allow your child to use the internet too frequently. Fix a certain time period so that they can browse only important and informative items. This will limit their web usage and help you track their online activities more effectively since you’ll know exactly when they were online.

Teach your child how to type properly to avoid embarrassing situations for both of you. If they type something wrong, they may end up on one of the websites you couldn’t filter out. Luckily, Easemon internet block software allows you to block on the basis of keywords, but just in case, make sure that your child can type accurately.

Use the software’s logs to see what kinds of websites your child is most interested in these days. This is an important feature since it can complement your parenting and ensuring that your kids hear about things from you rather than an impersonal website or a friend.

If your child asks why a certain website seems to fail to load on their browser, ask them which website that is and then explains that certain ISPs don’t allow users to access certain websites. Don’t lie to your kids because there’s a good chance they’re more tech-savvy than you are.

For the Parents of Teenagers

As your children use the web more than you and probably will suspect that you’re blocking some sites, here are some tips you should implement:

Teenagers are quite tech-savvy and they probably know so much about Internet block software. Therefore, it’s up to you to use a foolproof password to protect your settings and ensure that your teens aren’t able to change them.

Always keep a track of your child’s online activities by checking the browsing history at least every other day. If you notice them heading to chat portals too often, consider blocking these or using a keylogger for Mac to discover what messages they’re sending and receiving.

Remember your parenting duties and teach your children everything you can before they discover it online or through their friends. Also, be straightforward about what you want your child to find out and what you want them to avoid.

With these tips along with Easemon Internet block software for Mac, rest assured that your family will enjoy safe browsing that won’t affect its morals, ethics or safety.

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