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Employee computer monitoring is a necessity for those employers who want to run their companies at a high-rate tempo. The use of computers and the Internet is no longer a pipe dream in organizations. In fact, more companies are automating their services and sooner than later, manual operations will be a thing of the past. These developments are no doubt a welcome relief. Efficiency is no longer a strange expectation but rather an everyday experience. People no longer have to travel long distances to get services. Doing almost everything from the comfort of your home is possible. However, computer office also makes it necessary for employers to conduct employee computer monitoring. How and Why?

Why Does Employee Computer Monitoring Become a Must?

Automation has presented new challenges. While it was easy to keep track of an employee in the past, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with what the employees are doing when seated in their work cubicles. The shift of social interactions from the physical meet-ups to the inter-webs has also presented challenges in the use of computers and the Internet. As a result employee computer monitoring software has become a necessary part of day to day management tools.

While more firms are incorporating employee computer monitoring, the biggest question has been whether it actually works.

Employee monitoring has been practiced from time immemorial. The use of monitoring software is, therefore, an advanced way of keeping up with staff activities. The only difference is that by using this software, the employers are in a position to get more detailed information as opposed to the traditional methods.

While previously it was difficult to get hard evidence, computer monitoring has proved the naysayers wrong. It is now possible to have printed logs of the employees’ computer activities. Hence it becomes easy to deal with the issues arising from misuse of company computers.

The other advantage of using employee computer monitoring software is that you do not have to be physically present. You can get the activity reports through emails notification thus enabling you to make decisions remotely regardless of your location. This further gives you the freedom to monitor.

EaseMon Employee Computer Monitoring Software

Employee computer monitoring software also saves the company from unprecedented data and system attacks. By having all the activities monitored, it is easy to tell when illegal activities such as illegal information leakage or access to company statistics that are confidential.

EaseMon employees monitoring system is capable of meeting all the above needs. Additionally, it provides you with more options thus presenting you with a surveillance tool that is able to deliver above expectations. Apart from the advantages mentioned above, the other predominant features of this system include:

Logging of both side messages in the IM applications and logging of typed messages, accounts, and passwords. This feature helps you to know the kind and content of messages that are being sent and the destined recipient. Its ability to record all the websites visited in private mode also gives you an overview of how employees are using Internet resources. EaseMon system also calculates the amount of time spent on an application as well as correlates application logs with the captured screenshots and the employer is able to play the screenshots as a slideshow.

Employee computer monitoring is necessary for increasing employee productivity as well as securing company confidential information and property. With all the above benefits it is clear that employee monitoring software such as EaseMon does work and is beneficial to any company.

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